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PR 2.0 Sharing With Your Competition

I’ll tell you a story about how sharing has changed.  A couple of weeks ago, an experienced…

Social Media: Your Brand in Four Words or Less

As a follow up to my post on PR and Cyberbranding post, I wanted to touch on…

PR & Cyberbranding: Is This Evolution or Revolution?

I’m preparing for my trip to Puerto Rico to speak at the University of Sacred Heart and…

A Personal Question: Who are Your Influencers?

Do you think the question, “Who are your influencers?” is a personal one? I do, because despite the measurement tools, from Klout to Twinfluence, we choose to believe in people and trust their guidance because we feel a personal connection. Now, that’s not to say that the numbers are disregarded, because they’re not. But, it does make us think about the personal side of why we have certain bloggers in our RSS reader and why we participate in chat sessions because our influencers are there sharing knowledge.

September 15th #PRStudchat Announcement

We’re gearing up for our September 15th #PRStudChat session this week with a great line up of young PR pro panelists who will discuss their “Transition from PR Student to PR Professional.”

Social Media Strategy vs. Execution

I’ve noticed some interesting conversations lately about strategy, execution and accountability. If you are on the strategy side, and advising a brand, are you held accountable for the execution (if it’s not your part)? Is it easier just to advise, then to execute social media? My own personal opinion is that we rise to a higher or maybe I should say a “new” level when we are able to do both.

September 15th #PRStudChat Announcement

Ever since I interviewed Mikinize Stuart at the #swagghamptons event regarding the transition from student to PR professional, there’s been an overwhelming response to this video post. It’s certainly an important topic and one that is extremely helpful to those students who will someday go through the same transition process.

Interview #SWAGGHamptons: From PR Student to PR Professional

Here’s my third and final interview at the the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge on Saturday, August 28,…