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PRStudChat April Session: Technology & Data Allows You to Target & Amplify Grassroots Efforts

Today, with instant access to technology and an abundance of data, sharing information with audiences is quick, easy and can cross borders in an instant. The online grassroots effort has the potential to be highly targeted, achieve a greater reach, and create more impact than in year’s past.

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Travel Will Change Your View on Life

Typical excuses I hear are, “it is too pricey” or I don’t “have time,” but the truth is everyone is busy and everyone is strapped for cash sometimes – so those aren’t good excuses. Quit rationalizing about how it makes sense not to do it because this one thing will change your view on life. What am I talking about? Traveling.


Reassessing Your Passion

Now that Q1 2014 is underneath your belt, do you feel satisfied with your performance, or do wish you were accomplishing more? And, if it’s the latter, do you have a long list of excuses as to why? It’s easy to convince yourself as about why this may be happening … you’re not getting along with your co-workers, you feel like you’re not being tapped for your true expertise, or the campaigns you’re working on are not going as well as you had imagined. Perhaps, you’re just not feeling at your 100% best lately, and you have to drag yourself to work everyday. Well, guess what, any one of these reasons and more could be on the list.

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Six Times You Should Call a Press Conference

Press conferences aren’t as common as they used to be. Technology has allowed companies to disseminate information to reporters (and the public) without gathering the press in a single place—and that’s a good thing, since reporters have less time than ever to leave their desks to attend a press conference (and many won’t).

Whether You’re Giving or Receiving Feedback, it’s a Gift

I remember first learning about the “gift” of feedback in grad school. Up until that point, I had looked at feedback differently. I wasn’t thinking about the “gift” part, which means it’s just as much of a privilege to offer helpful feedback, as it is to receive it. The keyword here is “privilege.” Because it’s such a special gift, focusing on the delivery of feedback is critical. You have to know how to give feedback in a manner that allows people to appreciate it and make them want to move the needle forward by acting upon your counsel.

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What are Your Golden Rules of PR?

Last week, a friend from CPRSVancouver (@CPRSVancouver) reached out via DM and asked me to share a Golden Rule of PR, as a part of a Twitter contest. It took me all of a few seconds to share my thoughts.

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Seven Rules To Remember When a Crisis Strikes

You have a crisis communications plan in place. You’ve assembled a crisis response team, written a comprehensive crisis plan, and role played the most likely crisis scenarios. You’re ready for the unexpected. But then the crisis strikes. Your adrenaline surges. Your boss is suddenly irrational, choosing to abandon your well-conceived plan and just “wing it.”


PRStudChat Announcement: Tips for Strategic Public Relations Planning

On March 13, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. ET, #PRStudChat will present “Tips for Strategic Public Relations Planning” for our students, educators and professionals. The session will focus on strategic planning in public relations and the ever-changing challenges confronting PR professionals. Students will get a chance to test their knowledge of PR planning, and professionals will have the opportunity to share insights and experiences.

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