Bloggers Have More of an Influence in 2011 14

I found a really interesting annual study by Technorati called, “State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology.” Of particular interest to me was the breakdown of the different types of bloggers and the motivations and consequences for blogging.  If I were to categorize myself in relation to this study, my blogging falls in two categories.  I am the Entrepreneur Blogger as well as the Hobbyist. I definitely don’t fit in the Corporate or the Professional Full Time or Part Time blogger.

As the Entrepreneur, I use blogging to discuss industry topics and to share my perspectives on public relations, social media and technology. I also enjoy blogging every week, because it’s my hobby. When I was younger I would horseback ride and participate in kick boxing.  Today, I find myself blogging for fun, to express myself, and my views about the changing media landscape. I’m also blog for my own personal satisfaction.

The Technorati study stated, “… we are seeing bloggers updating their blogs more frequently and spending more time blogging.  The type of information influencing blogging has shifted from conversations with friends, which was the primary influence in 2010, to other blogs, which for 68% of bloggers are having more of an influence in 2011.”  I recall in 2010, there was a question of whether or not people found blogs useful and if we were completely moving over to shorter forms of news and information (media snacking).  However, I still believe, blogging serves a specific purpose that you can’t find through other forms of social media, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

The main reasons why I rely on blogs/favorite bloggers is to get an inside view, deeper perspective, more insight on a subject or topic, to see if my perspective aligns with my influencers, and for information that only a particular blogger can review, breakdown and even translate for me (when a topic is complicated, i.e., technology).  I have been reading the same blogs for the last 3+ years and there’s a reason why I don’t deviate.  I am constantly learning from my blogger friends and I value the information that they are sharing. I trust them and the information they provide. I feel like I know them (in most cases I’ve even met them in person or had conversations).  I always look forward to receiving their posts through my RSS feed or even in my email inbox. As you can tell, I place a high value on these relationships.

Take a look at the Technorati study.  If you’re a blogger, it’s interesting to categorize yourself and to review the percentages of blogger motivations and consequences.  However, moving beyond the statistics, think about what really makes you want to blog and why you also rely on your favorite bloggers.  You might even want to let your bloggers know what it is you like so much about their community, so they keep delivering the most meaningful information.  I don’t think one study will ever make or break the State of the Blogosphere, but it’s great to see that bloggers are having more of an influence in 2011.