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Your Personal Brand Matters… A Lot!

You’ve probably heard that personal branding is not that important. If you did, kindly toss that thinking out of your brain. Personal branding matters now; it matters tomorrow and it should matter the rest of your career.


Save the Date: #PRStudChat Talks All Things Personal Branding on 11/12

Calling all PR students, professionals and educators! On November 12 at 8:30 p.m. #PRStudChat is talking all things personal branding, both online and off.

Special Announcement: The #PRStudChat Community Kicks Off the New Year on January 18th

Happy New Year #PRStudChat friends!  We’re ready to kick off 2012 by focusing on the customer experience. …

Social Media: Your Brand in Four Words or Less

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PR & Cyberbranding: Is This Evolution or Revolution?

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