Internal Social Media Collaboration: A Comparison of Platforms 11

A best practices approach to social media begins on the inside of the organization, with education and training for employees. In a recent blog post, “Internal Social Media Education and Collaboration,” I highlighted a few social platforms including SharePoint, Socialtext, and Ning, which can be used for educating employees, internal collaboration and innovation.  Some of the key features I discussed in the post included:

  • Internal communications tools available (i.e., messaging, discussion and chat)
  • Sharing capabilities available (i.e., links, resources and documents editing)
  • Subgroups and/or forums available to users
  • Hosted platform or installed on a company’s network
  • Data ownership and whether or not the social network claims any ownership rights in your code, content, or network data
  • Ease of set up and use; the selection of a platform that’s easy to manage and upload content
  • Ease of customization; a platform that enables employees to add designs, photos and maintain the brand’s identity
  • Price (enterprise software vs. a social networking platform)

Here’s a helpful chart with the different platforms mentioned above, comparing their key features and benefits (click on the chart to enlarge):

Of course, this chart only gives you a basic idea of the functionality available.  You will need to research the platforms further and demo each, prior to determining which one will suite your company and your employees’ needs.

Are there any platforms that you’ve researched for internal collaboration and education that should be added to this chart?