‘Professionalism’ – What Does It Really Mean?

‘Professionalism’ – What Does It Really Mean? 1

I hear and use the term over and over…we all do…“professionalism.” In our hearts and heads, we also all think we know what it means. But do we really? I face the challenge of defining professionalism almost every day PR…PR Case Studies…and others) at Curry College.

#PRStudChat Works With Sparkpr to Promote Conversation Around PR & Social in 2014

#PRStudChat Works With Sparkpr to Promote Conversation Around PR & Social in 2014 2

The industry is thriving. Facebook is 10 and social networking apps are sprouting like spring flowers in bloom. The digital realm is a noisy place full of opportunities for PR pros, marketers and communicators. But with the meteoric rise of social media for brands, in comes further challenges that face communications campaigns.

Running And Life Have A Lot In Common

Running And Life Have A Lot In Common 0

ver the past year or so, I’ve gotten into something I never thought I would get into when I was younger – running. This past weekend, after about 3-4 months of training, I completed my first marathon and while I didn’t quite get the time I wanted, I not only feel accomplished, but even more driven. I know I can do better and I am already trying to lay out races throughout the year to prepare for another marathon.

Tips to Improve Media Pitches, Based on My HARO Experience 4

A Guest Post By Heather Whaling As PR people, we’re constantly told, “Target your pitches” or “Build relationships with journalists” or “Help journalists meet their deadlines.” But, are we practicing what we preach? I recently used HARO (helpareporter.com) to find sources for a Mashable article I was writing. Normally, I’m the PR person responding to […]

A pitch for PR to focus more on owned media 13

A Guest Post by Justin Goldsborough: What if I was writing this blog post with only the hope that it would be published? What if I took the time to research the topic, identify the story, and find the case studies with no guarantee anyone but me would ever see any of that work come […]

The DNA of an Apology 0

Every week, it seems there is a new PR crisis sweeping across our Twitter streams. Groupon, Airbnb, Kenneth Cole, Esquire, the list goes on and on. Most recently, Netflix has faced backlash for their price hikes and response or lack there of. With all of these instances, it seems that companies still aren’t understanding the […]

Are you Prepared for the Shift in the Purchasing Process? 0

A Guest Post By Valerie Simon 1990:  I want to go to a new restaurant. I open up the yellow pages, or a copy of a local magazine to find a seafood restaurant nearby. I call two additional restaurants for more information and reservations. 2000:  I want to go to a new restaurant. I do […]

Introducing my PR Guest Blogger Friends 0

I’m kicking off a PR guest blogger series on October 3, 2011.  Several of my blogger friends have offered to help out while I’m working on a new project, which I’ll be sharing soon.  I’m excited to announce the names of my blogger friends …

#PR & #Marketing Learn A Quick Lesson in Video Editing 6

When it comes to recording and editing videos, I’m lucky to have a Macbook Pro.  I use iMovie to capture and edit my videos before I upload them to YouTube.  However, many PR and marketing professionals don’t have a Mac and they’re using PCs. With the increasing demand for interactive video content and many of […]

#Tumblr vs. #Facebook: Ask a Teen if You Want to Know the Difference 6

Tumblr is certainly growing in popularity. A recent Mashable article mentioned that according to ComScore, Tumblr scored 13.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. in July, increasing 218% from the same time last year. The “blog-meets-social-network service” is experiencing what most are calling explosive growth. Tumblr has been on my radar for quite sometime having witnessed how our teens use it and rave about it.

Turning the Page To Pure Performance Communications: A New Business Venture 22

I’ve been busy with “marketing agency life” for the last 20 years. I took a brief break for some in-house PR, but it didn’t last for long. Whether you’re working at an agency owned by someone else or you’re running and managing your own company, it requires a tremendous amount of energy, flexibility and dedication to the agency. Long hours and weekends were the norm, but I loved every minute of it. Today marks a new point in my career; it’s the day that I turn the page, and I close the marketing agency chapter.

You’re a #PR Crisis Manager, But Are You a Pre-Crisis Doctor? 2

PR professionals are familiar with the crisis drill, because we’re called upon when crisis strikes and we’re prepared with our crisis plans in place. Today, executives realize that crisis takes precedence, as their companies are in the public’s critical eye, their brands are the topic of constant conversations and communication travels more quickly than ever before through social media channels.

Special Announcement: #PRStudChat and #PR20Chat Team up to Discuss “Be Your Own Publicist” 0

On September 20, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. ET, we’re holding a special edition of #PRStudChat, as we team up with our friends, Heather Whaling and Justin Goldsborough and their community, #PR20chat. Together, we’ll be discussing how to help students use their PR skills to succeed in school and in launching their careers. Joining us that night will be two very special guests: Jessica Kleiman, VP-public relations for Hearst Magazines and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, co-founder and principal of Allen/Cooper Communications. Jessica and Meryl are the authors of the book, “Be Your Own Best Publicist.”

Shifting Roles from Communications Liaison to Blogger 2

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely take off my PR hat; it’s usually “on” no matter what I’m doing.  But, on September 16, 2011, in New York City, I’ll be wearing a different hat. It’s my blogger cap, when I cover the PRSA T3PR Conference.  Twenty plus years ago when I was […]

Marrying #Marketing & Technology: An Interview with Julie Cros, Founder of Post Planner 0

I recently spoke with Julie Cros, founder of Post Planner, and was interested to learn how she married marketing and technology. With so many of us learning, testing and embracing technology, I asked Julie to share her story on how and why she decided to launch the Post Planner Facebook application.


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