Mission Ready Infographic

#PR Tech Testing: Using Easel.ly for Customized Infographics

Lisa Gerber, Chief Content Officer at Spin Sucks, mentioned in her blog post, Becoming a PR Technologist, that “……


PR Practice #8: The Master of the Metrics Chart of Responsibilities

Today’s blog post is the last in the “edited” or “cut” chart series. In my book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, PR Practice #8, the Master of the Metrics, focused on how communications professionals must deliver accurate metrics tied to their measurement programs.


To My #PR Tech Tester Friends: Help with the Social Web is Here!

f you’ve been following my blog posts for the last couple of months, they’ve been focused on several new practices in PR, as a result social media communications. In my book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, PR Practice #3 emphasizes the role of the Tech Tester.


#PRStudChat Packs Up & Goes to Summer Camp Beginning in June 2012

Our seniors have graduated and #PRStudChat is getting ready to go to summer camp for the months…


#PR Practice #7: Reputation Task Force Member Chart of Responsibilities

The day you started in communications was the day you became a member of the ethics committee…


Why You Need to Protect Your Clients With a Social Media #Crisis Plan

A Guest Post By:  Melissa Agnes With the continuous rise in social media activity, and more and…


PR Practice #6: The Relationship Analyzer Chart of Responsibilities

I’m reading an advance copy of the book, “Rethinking Reputation: How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising in the New Media World” by Fraser Seitel and John Doorley. Early in the book, the authors state, “PR is an ancient art form.” They trace public relations back to the days of Moses. Since the beginning, PR is at the heart of a company’s communications and builds relationships to foster goodwill and confidence with the public. However, a major difference in practicing PR today is the ability to build a meaningful relationship with stakeholders by using technology to deepen and strategically grow relationships for the long term.

Evaluating Employer Communication Competency Expectations: A Pilot Study

Samoilenko, S.A., Ballard-Reisch, D., & Akhatova, B. (2011). Evaluating Employer Communication Competency Expectations in Kazakhstan. Research Study…

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