Brad Phillips

How To Give A Tweet-Worthy Media Interview

The last time you watched a major event on television—a presidential debate, the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl—did you have your smartphone within reaching distance?

Book Review: The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia is on of my new favorites in 2012. The book focuses on building trust and loyalty through strategic communications and offers a well-rounded view of how to win “the hearts and minds” of the public. Most importantly, it educates you on how to communicate effectively and without self-inflicted harm, especially during a crisis.

PR…Why We Are Who We Are

Once in a while, I go off on a mental gadabout and wander through reasons and rationale for my…and my colleagues…existence as public relations professionals.


Getting Back to the PR Basics

Just a couple of years ago, I was a sophomore at Drexel University running my own PR consultancy, Kratz PR while juggling several PR internships. It wasn’t easy managing a dozen clients, class, executive roles in multiple student orgs, and internships but as a result, I fully saw myself as a PR man that would be rooted in the profession for years to come.

Sandy aftermath

Effective Communications, When You’re Forced to Simplify

In an age of Internet, mobile and social networks, it’s amazing what happens when you have to revert back to simpler modes of communication. Hurricane Sandy tore through our area with wicked force. As soon as we saw the lights flicker, we knew it could be days without power and the Internet.

Screen shot 2012-10-25 at 3.37.39 PM

Public Relations Education: A Matter of ‘Degrees’

I had the opportunity at the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in October to learn about a new initiative being undertaken by PRSA called the “MBA Initiative.”

Thinker and Doer

HOW TO integrate social collaboration in your PR 2.0 strategies

For the past year, I’ve been on quest to spread the word about open social collaboration and productivity and why it is the key to social media success and essential to every public relations professional. According to analysts at Altimeter Group, enterprise collaboration drives business value in four ways:


The Universal PR Professional of Tomorrow

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of participating on a PRSA International Conference panel session titled, “The Universal…

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