Mobilizing Your Social Media Workforce

Mobilizing Your Social Media Workforce 0

Have you thought about the potential of mobilizing your entire workforce through social media rather than one or two individual voices? What are the steps to harness the power of social media within the organization? I’ve been doing a lot of work in the area of social media policy development, training and governance over the past few years. A friend and colleague, Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman), CEO of social media training provider Comply Socially, shares my passion for educating companies on how they can leverage social media effectively.

International Relations: Social media Opens Doors, PR Builds Relationships 0

Last week I had the honor and the pleasure Skyping into the 10th Annual Iran PR Conference. If you were to ask me 10 years ago about my international PR work, my answer would have been much different than my response today. Social media plays a large role in opening doors to an international network, but it’s PR that makes the relationships blossom and grow.

PRStudChat Kicks off the New Year with Startup PR

PRStudChat Kicks off the New Year with Startup PR 0

For students and recent grads with an entrepreneurial spirit, startups provide an ideal training ground to expand your skills, witness the ins and outs of growing a business from the ground up, and gain a wide-range of valuable, hands-on experiences.

Are You a Technology Tester? 7

Years ago, it was our Web team that brought any new and interesting technology to the table for evaluation and set up.  At my marketing communications firm, we relied on these folks to simplify the complicated and to enlighten us.  For example, they took a lot of time to explain WebTrends, and they showed the […]

The Phases of Change – From #PR Change Thinker to True Change Agent 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post “Public Relations Expanded: Eight New Social Roles Assigned.” The piece highlighted some new areas or functions in PR, where the professional can shine, from the PR Policymaker and Internal Communication Collaborator to the Pre-Crisis Doctor and Master of the Metrics. However, in order to take on new challenges, change must take place. It has to come from within first, and then filter through to your role in the organization.

Responsibilities of the #PR Policymaker 2

Stepping up to help champion the social media policy development process is a critical role in the organization; one well suited for the PR professional. From my experience, working with different companies and professionals, the PR policymaker (one of the eight new roles assigned) often gets the ball rolling with a clear vision of how […]

#PRStudChat August Session Announcement: The Mentor/Mentee Project 2

There are wonderful opportunities presented daily in social communities and it’s refreshing to see students, young professionals, PR pros and educators taking advantage of these unique experiences.  From the participation in Twitter chats and conversations in Facebook groups to LinkedIn Q&A and networking with peers and potential mentors, we’re all growing together. On August 24, […]

Interview: Enhancing your #PR Internship Program 0

I recently met Ruth Bazinet, director of media relations and social media in the Office of Public Affairs at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. When we were on Twitter discussing a #PRStudChat mentoring project, Ruth sent over information on her PR internship program that really caught my eye.  The program was full of wonderful […]

Public Relations Expanded: Eight Social Roles Assigned 13

Here’s the good news…if your organization is participating in social media, then the public relations function has expanded. The responsibilities of the PR professional continue to increase, with new roles assigned.  As you take on these new challenges, you’re seen as an even more valuable asset to your company. In my book, “Putting the Public […]

Social Media Provides Endless Opportunities for Students 0

Flying back from the Bahamas, I chatted with a flight attendant whose daughter is attending Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and preparing for her future career.  With the conversation fresh on my mind, I started thinking about the endless opportunities that social media provides students who are planning their futures.  As a student, you always want […]

Special Announcement: Join Honda & RPA for the July 20th #PRStudChat! 0

With the increasing use of digital communications, the July 20th PRStudChat session will focus on how advertising agencies and their clients are using digital media within their campaigns. Our two special guests that night will discuss the launch of the new Honda Quest with the PRStudChat community.  We’re thrilled to announce that Alicia Jones, social […]

The Now Revolution Book Review 2

This year at BlogWorld East in New York City, I had the pleasure of listening to Jay Baer discuss the topics in his book, The Now Revolution, which he co-authored with Amber Naslund.  I thought Jay did a wonderful job keeping the audience engaged in the discussion, with all of us wanting to learn more. […]

Book Review: Social Marketing to the Business Customer 0

My book review of Social Marketing to the Business Customer is long overdue. I read the book in preparation for the #PRStudChat April session when we asked the authors, Eric Schwartzman and Paul Gillin, to be our special guests.  This book is really good and deserves a review.  Of course, I have to disclose that […]

How are you supporting your social media policy? 0

Here’s a quick question for you to think about … How are you supporting your social media policy?  We build policies to guide our employee communications as well as how the public interacts with us through social media.  It’s important to think about the training and the tools and resources to help employees successfully implement […]

Enhanced Social Media Response Chart 4

In preparation for my presentation last week to the members of the PRSA Alaska Chapter, I created an enhanced version of a Social Media Comment Response Chart.  The updated version includes three areas of comments: (1) Positive Comments, (2) General Brand/Product/Service Comments with various types of responses required based on the different kinds of inquiries […]

The #NoSearch Project: An Interview with Paul Sutton 0

You may remember me writing about “A Year Without Newspapers,” which was an experiment by Adam Vincenzini. Adam’s challenge was to go an entire year without reading a newspaper. Last week, Paul Sutton introduced me to another challenging experiment and I think this one is just as tough, if not tougher to achieve.  Paul, who […]


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