5 Ways to “Listen” For Better Blog Content

It feels great to be teaching again! I have a class of 30 NYU PR and corporate communications grad students. We are exploring social media objectives, strategies and tactics. One of the required course assignments is to create a blog with eight posts due by the end of the semester. As a blogger, a great deal of my writing stems from paying attention to my community and “Listening” closely to the conversations .

Ethics ‘Month’: Why Not Make It A Lifetime?

September is traditionally the time of the year when the Public Relations Society of America observes “Ethics Month,” and PRSA chapters nationwide are encouraged to present special programming. A comprehensive set of resources is available to assist in this effort.


Special Announcement: Chief Bill Boyd Visits #PRStudChat to Discuss Crisis Communications & Social Media

#PRStudChat summer camp is over, and now it’s back to school, and back to business. With our PR and social media programs in full swing, we thought a discussion on crisis communications and social media would be helpful to the community, especially as we head toward the busy 2012 holiday season.


August #PRStudChat Recap: Unraveling the Technical Aspect of PR

Two months ago, I had an epiphany, or at least the beginning of one. I sat on a couch in my living room, questioning my non-existent interest in metrics and analytics. I wondered why I readily would attend another social media track, even if I knew what the speaker was going to touch on, but I have never attended any track that tackled measurements.


Ethics, Public Relations, and the 2.0 World

A cartoon that appeared in a business publication a few years ago always comes to mind when I hear the word “ethics.” A business manager dashes excitedly into his office shouting, “Ethics is hot. Buy me some ethics!”

Social Roles and Responsibilities

Five Ways You Can Be an Effective Community Manager

Let’s be honest… the title of Community Manager comes with great responsibility. You represent the online “voice” for a company or brand. One wrong Facebook post or Tweet and it could mean embarrassment for a brand or disaster for an individual.


#PRStudChat Announcement: #SummerCamp Continues in August with Unraveling the Technical Aspect of PR

Last month we kicked off the #PRStudChat #SummerCamp program with Lois Goh (@loisalmode), a student from Flagler College, moderating a session on how to incorporate social media into your PR planning. This month’s #PRStudChat session will take place on August 15th at 8:30 p.m. ET and will focus on how to unravel the technical aspect of public relations.


An 18-Year-Olds Take on #Instagram

Having teens in the family, and access to their friends, is one of the greatest ways to obtain first-hand information from the young tech savvy crowd and learn about their behaviors on different social media platforms.

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