Spin Sucks

Book Review of Spin Sucks and Q&A with Author Gini Dietrich

After reading Spin Sucks by my friend, Gini Dietrich, I was inspired to do a video post. This book packs a punch with helpful information, useful examples and how to move forward to tell a better story. I also engaged Gini in a Q&A so you can learn more about the book and to embrace what communications and reputation management looks like today and in the future.

Social Champion

Building Your Employee Social Media Champions

Being in PR and marketing is an instant invitation to participate in your company’s social media program. You’re automatically designated as the “employee social champions” who in most cases will come together and be a part of your organization’s social vision and strategy, development of social guidelines and policies, creation and sharing of content and engagement with stakeholders in online communities.

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Building Your Reputation Task Force

Tracing back to the early days of my career in PR and marketing, I remember a conversation with a senior account executive at my agency. She shared with me her thoughts on the importance of the brand and pointed out one resource she referred to it as our “marketing bible.” You may have guessed already … it’s the branding guide or brand style guidelines.


Finding Your Creative Energy

There are days when I’m elbow deep in strategic planning, from research, audits and policies to communications…

Brad Phillips

The Three Things To Kill In Your Media Interviews

Memory studies consistently find that people forget the vast majority of what they read, hear, or see, especially if they are only exposed to the information one time. One early study by Herman Ebbinghaus, the 19th-century German psychologist who was among the first to study human memory, found that people forget most of what they learn within days.


Relationship Building is My Career

After working in public relations and marketing for years, I’ve come to realize that relationship building is not just a handy skill or a tool in your PR toolkit that’s cultivated for the brands and companies you represent. Although it’s a huge part of your work, it also marks the cornerstone of a successful career in PR.


PRStudChat April Session: Technology & Data Allows You to Target & Amplify Grassroots Efforts

Today, with instant access to technology and an abundance of data, sharing information with audiences is quick, easy and can cross borders in an instant. The online grassroots effort has the potential to be highly targeted, achieve a greater reach, and create more impact than in year’s past.

Travel Mountain Picture

Travel Will Change Your View on Life

Typical excuses I hear are, “it is too pricey” or I don’t “have time,” but the truth is everyone is busy and everyone is strapped for cash sometimes – so those aren’t good excuses. Quit rationalizing about how it makes sense not to do it because this one thing will change your view on life. What am I talking about? Traveling.

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