Generation Y: Overcoming the Stereotypes

Generation Y: Overcoming the Stereotypes 0

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Jefferson. What does this quote mean to you? Do you find it amazing that a quote said by a man who was born over 250 years ago is still relevant? Psh…I know I do.

Six Tips to Maximizing the Virtual Learning Environment 1

More colleges and universities are moving to online education, blending the online and offline experience or offering complete online classes for their students. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are becoming popular and the class sizes are enormous. Technology is driving the changes we see today.

Six Ways To Rock Your Next Skype or Webcam Interview

Six Ways To Rock Your Next Skype or Webcam Interview 1

Many news programs use Skype (or similar technologies) to interview spokespersons. Doing so makes sense for cash-strapped news organizations—instead of sending a camera crew to your home or office at great expense, they can save money by asking you to remain at your desk and conduct the interview via Skype.

September 15th #PRStudchat Announcement 0

We’re gearing up for our September 15th #PRStudChat session this week with a great line up of young PR pro panelists who will discuss their “Transition from PR Student to PR Professional.”

Social Media Strategy vs. Execution 6

I’ve noticed some interesting conversations lately about strategy, execution and accountability. If you are on the strategy side, and advising a brand, are you held accountable for the execution (if it’s not your part)? Is it easier just to advise, then to execute social media? My own personal opinion is that we rise to a higher or maybe I should say a “new” level when we are able to do both.

September 15th #PRStudChat Announcement 6

Ever since I interviewed Mikinize Stuart at the #swagghamptons event regarding the transition from student to PR professional, there’s been an overwhelming response to this video post. It’s certainly an important topic and one that is extremely helpful to those students who will someday go through the same transition process.

Interview #SWAGGHamptons: From PR Student to PR Professional 8

Here’s my third and final interview at the the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge on Saturday, August 28, 2010.  Mikinzie Stuart, Account Coordinator at SHIFT Communications chatted with me on how to make the transition from PR student to PR professional.  The video comes to you live from the SWAGG VIP tent.

Interview with ABC News Entertainment Reporter/Producer Sheila Marikar 5

Here’s my second interview at the the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge on Saturday, August 28, 2010. Sheila Marikar, Entertainment Reporter/Producer at, was kind enough to interview with me regarding the importance of building a relationship (the right way) with the media. The video comes to you live from the SWAGG VIP tent.

Interview with Sarah Evans at #SwaggHamptons 0

I was invited by Sarah Evans and SWAGG to be their guest at the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge on Saturday, August 28, 2010. It was such an amazing day, traveling on the SWAGG party bus, spending time in the SWAGG VIP tent and enjoying the Polo match. I was able to steal a few minutes with Sarah (in between her interviews with celebrities that stopped by) to discuss what PR and communications professionals need to know about the mobile space.

The Best of PR Moves Forward 3

In order to grow in our communications careers, we have to move our best practices forward.  My video discusses the best values, core competencies and skills from PR past, which we move forward and use to be successful in PR 2.0 and social media communications. How do you move the best of PR forward as […]

Book Review: Engage! by @BrianSolis 8

I just finished the book Engage! by Brian Solis.  I’ve had the book for a couple of months and it’s not a book that you should just breeze through quickly.  I mean this in the best possible way.  This book deserves time and attention.  Now, I have to disclose that I am a big fan […]

Can You Tell Who Tries to Own Social Media? 5

In the past, you may have heard me say,”No one owns social media.”  However, that doesn’t mean that different departments in your company aren’t trying to own it.  Actions always speak louder than words. I remember reading a post a year ago by Jeremiah Owyang that I thought was excellent.  He outlined five ways that […]

Competitors on Twitter: Evaluate With Your Eyes Wide Open 10

If you’ve done your listening exercises (monitoring the social landscape through keyword searches) you may have discovered your competition is on Twitter. As a part of your own social media strategy and planning audit, it’s important to evaluate what your competition is doing, how they are connecting with influencers and how quickly they’re advancing on this network.

Social Media is Serious Business 17

Speaking at the Florida Public Relations Association 72nd Annual Conference was such a great experience for me. I enjoyed presenting PR Revolution: From PR Past to Hybrid Power, which was received with open arms.  After my keynote, one topic of discussion I found extremely interesting surfaced during a Q&A session with the senior counselors.  The […]

An Interview w/Jason Kintzler, Founder & CEO of PitchEngine 4

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of PitchEngine, a “new kind of social PR platform.” I’ve used it to share my customized stories and to be found.  Because PitchEngine has launched its new platform with enhanced SEO capabilities, I thought it would be a good time to update you on the progress. Jason Kintzler, […]

Update on #PRStudChat Anniversary Chat 1

Our plans are progressing nicely for the #PRStudChat discussion on August 25, 2010 at 8:30 p.m.  In honor of our anniversary celebration, and our special guest, Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales), founder of Wikipedia, our session will focus on great social media collaboration and wiki best practices.  Jimmy will also enlighten us on some of his experiences […]


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