#Ethics in an Age of Social Media & Public Conversations 5

In an age of public conversations, ethical decision making and accurate communications are top of mind for the PR professional. With the public accessing social media for their news and information, the topic of ethics is even more prominent. The major professional associations provide a Code of Ethics to educate and guide PR professionals on the subject. However, with the shifting media landscape and technology advancing rapidly, communications ethics are challenged.

Six Ways to Prepare Office Staff For a Reporter’s Visit

Six Ways to Prepare Office Staff For a Reporter’s Visit 2

A local reporter is scheduled to visit your office in a few days to conduct an interview with you.

It’s a critical interview for your company, one that will impact your growth, your reputation, and your bottom line. You prepare for it carefully, huddling with your leadership team and preparing highly memorable media messages that will gain the audience’s attention—and trust. You may even conduct a mock interviewing session to gain comfort when answering challenging questions.

Professionalism, Responsibility and Communication 2

When on vacation in Taiwan, I always read one of the English-language newspapers to keep up with what’s going on both globally and locally. This year, I noticed a preponderance of articles, analyses, and commentaries addressing the issue of accurate communication in today’s mega-wired, anything-can-be-reported world.

PR 2.0 Events 0

Today, conferences and events take on a PR 2.0 approach by promoting engagement long before the conference begins. Participants are encouraged to get to know the speakers and form relationships with other attendees prior to registration in the physical setting. Rich Teplitsky and I are the co-chairs of the PRSA T3PR Strategic Views on Technology and the Changing PR Landscape Conference in New York City on June 11th. Our approach and goal for this conference is to let everyone engage through social media before the event, and get the conversations going so that we’re all comfortable IRL (in real life). We want this program to be more intimate; when everyone meets in person, it should feel as if we’re old friends.

Groundswell Book Review: Part II 1

Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff was an excellent book and I felt that the book deserved a two-part review. I mentioned in my last review that I found so much helpful information in Part I. Well, Part II was no different. The second part of the book actually went deeper into how to energize and embrace the Groundswell and how to create an organizational environment where your employees can accept the change as well. Organizational behavior and cultural shift is an area of great interest for me, and a favorite topic to discuss in my own presentations.

My PR Advice to the Class of 2010 14

I thought one of the most important questions during the Wednesday night #PRStudchat Celebration of the Class of 2010 was, “What is your advice to the Class of 2010.” The response was overwhelming and advice was offered that touched on everything from how to network and excel in your career to PR accountability and ethics.

My Experience with #PRStudChat Seniors 4

As this year comes to a close for the students of the Class of 2010, I wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the seniors who went above and beyond in the #PRStudChat community. Although there are so many bright and talented students in the class, I’d like to share my feelings about working firsthand with Angela Hernandez (@angelahernandez), Mikinzie Stuart (@mikinzie), Brittany James (@bitty_boop) and Lauren Novo (@lmnovo).

#PRStudChat Celebrates the Class of 2010 5

On Wednesday, May 12th at 9:00 p.m. EST, #PRStudChat is celebrating the Class of 2010, with a special Twitter chat session that focuses on our graduating seniors, their college experience and what they learned about the field of public relations. Both Valerie Simon (@valeriesimon) and I are very proud of our graduates. We feel especially close to this class because we’ve all learned so much from each other this past year, in our #PRStudChat community.

Thank You PRNewser 2

I spoke at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference (#PRSA_DI) yesterday in NYC. Because I ran short on time, I was only able to answer one question. The question related to the media in the social landscape, and what was the best way to reach out to contacts about your news. I said it varies depending on the relationship whether it’s a journalist or a blogger, you have to know how people want to be contacted and you must build a relationship with them.

PRSA Digital Impact & Social Media Planning 5

How do you teach a group of PR professionals to build a social media plan in one hour? Not an easy feat, especially because planning can take months. To teach planning, you have to have a plan and a streamlined approach to your presentation. I’m presenting at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference on May 6th in New York City and there is a tremendous amount of information to cover. My session begins at 3:15 p.m. and runs until 4:15 p.m. and when it’s over, I’m hoping that the PR pros in attendance walk away with a clear Roadmap to social media communication success.

The Q&A Post Event 0

It was a wonderful trip to Washington, DC.  A trip I will never forget thanks to my friends at the PRSA CHE Summit and Shonali Burke (@shonali) for putting together the IABC Tweetup at Ceiba.  I even got in a little sightseeing, which for me, when I travel rarely happens. Another favorite part of my […]

Moving the Virtual Relationships to the Physical Reality 2

Someone asked the other day … are you always on Twitter? Hmmm … yes, I guess I’m on Twitter quite a bit. Twitter allows me to interact with so many friends/followers in different ways. Being on Twitter has taught me how to move my new friendships up the Twitter Relationship Stairway. In keeping with the idea of moving up the stairs, I wanted to share with my community an opportunity to take our relationships a step further. Being on Twitter is an excellent way to listen, learn, participate, make friends, bond and share incredible insight. And, as I review my calendar in the upcoming months, one more excellent way to move up the Twitter stairway is to meet my New York City friends/followers in person.

The Evolution of PR Branded Content 14

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the differences between the tools in the traditional PR toolkit and the resources we use today in the PR 2.0 toolkit. However, there was one tool that I completely overlooked. I’ve used this tool in the past. And, it’s definitely worth discussing how this tool has evolved over time to provide us with branded content and good PR results.

Groundswell Book Review: Part I 3

This is a first for me, the book review in two parts. I found so much useful information in the book Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff that I thought it would be best to break the review in two. Now I know why this book is a BusinessWeek bestseller and when I mentioned that I was going to read Groundswell my community on Twitter told me how much I would enjoy the book. Thank you Twitter friends, you were right! Tapping into the Groundswell is a great experience and I want to share my thoughts with you.

PR 2.0 Tips for Damage Control 10

On April 14th, the #PRStudChat community was faced with its first small crisis. Valerie Simon and I had planned another dynamic chat session that would focus on our graduating PR seniors, jobs and the hiring process. Everyone was gathered and ready; our PR pros, students, educators were present and our special guests were just introduced. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far into the chat as we immediately realized that Twitter was down. Valerie and I had to assess the situation, respond quickly to the community and then continue with our damage control.

An Interview with Sam Decker: Getting Customer Centric 2

In December 2009, I had the honor of keynoting Social Media Congress in Amsterdam. It’s such a small world when you travel all the way to Holland to meet people/companies from the United States. As I was finishing my session, I met Joel Kramer, sales director at Bazaarvoice. Coincidentally, I had used a Bazaarvoice case study and the results in my presentation.

What’s in Your New PR Toolkit? 6

In 2003, my book “The New PR Toolkit” was published by Prentice Hall. I co-authored this manuscript with a very talented journalist, Thomas DeLoughry, who at the time was the editor of Internet Week. Our goal was to present to PR professionals a better way to develop and implement online media relations strategies, from both a PR professional and an editor’s point of view. To this day, it was one of my favorite projects and a book that I believe did a good job educating PR people on early web PR (or web 1.0) best practices.


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