Facing the Future…Are You Prepared? 2

This is that time of year when I, and hordes of other fellow educators and PR professionals, start seeing an uptick in panic-laced emails/Facebook updates from soon-to-be-graduated seniors who have suddenly realized that life is about to slap them squarely in the face.

PR Experiences: A 25-Year Journey 0

I’ve been saying for some time, “I’m a veteran in PR.” The number of years didn’t hit me, until a few weeks ago when a client introduced me at a training session. He said that I had 25 years in the business.  My reaction … where did the time go? Because the year 2013 marks […]

The Energy of FPRA 0

I had the pleasure of visiting Tallahassee this week and speaking to the members of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA). This was my first trip there and it was a memorable one. From the beautiful buildings (especially the old Capital building and Florida State University) to the hospitality of the people and the friendly welcome, I have a new appreciation for Tallahassee. Another unforgettable part of the trip was the professionalism, energy and forward thinking of the FPRA.

A Business Journey to 2.0 2

I think one of the biggest issues that organizations face today, as they navigate the social media landscape, is how they view the consumer disruption as a result of Social Media. Brands, in my opinion, could be helping to alleviate the chaos by lessening the noise that comes out of their own organizations. They need to learn how to become valuable resources to their stakeholders in the market. Of course, it takes time, effort, resources and commitment to develop a Social Media program and to participate in the social economy the right way.

Todays PR Agency: Partner not Predator 0

I’m working on a presentation for the Florida Public Relation’s Association. Their annual conference, PR Under Fire, is in August 2009. My presentation will help PR professionals to understand how they can be better partners with their clients by focusing on three important factors: attitude, education and technology. Here’s are some highlights from the presentation.

Virtual to Physical 0

I read a great blog post by Chris Brogan that discussed all of the extra chores that social media adds to our daily “To Do” list. Chris’ post maps out his very busy day, from the time he wakes and monitors his Google reader (to see what people are talking about or what they are saying about him) to reading 700 blogs and sifting through his 500 emails. Yes, Social Media definitely takes time and effort. It’s not a one day or once a month type of adventure. And, it’s definitely not a spectator sport. Actually, Social Media is an everyday commitment (in some cases, it becomes an addiction) and for me is one of the best ways to build human capital and turn a new virtual friend into a valuable physical relationship.

Approachable Blogs 0

There’s no shortage of excellent blogs and the numbers continue to grow. But, with the hundreds of thousands that pique your interest, how many do you visit regularly? Now, ask yourself another question, with how many of those blogs do you actually join in the conversation, tweet about and mention in your own blog to get a conversation started? After all, one of the main benefits of Social Media is the dialog that you have with other members of the community. You can share ideas, learn about almost anything and educate others on mutual topics of interests.

New Curriculum for Colleges & Universities Part II 2

I recently posted a blog regarding my participation at the New Jersey AdClub’s Career Day at Montclair State University on April 7, 2009. I discussed how overall I thought the day was educational, fun, friendly and provided students with useful information to take with them after college. However, I did notice that many of the questions that they asked as well as some of the questions posed by my fellow panel members were indicative of traditional PR, media relations and publicity.

PR2.0 Research Librarian 1

The PR person has a new and important role. At my company, PFS Marketwyse, the PR department is comprised of PR people who take on the role of Research Librarians to aid in monitoring and measurement. Brian and I mention in our book, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations that PR professionals take on many roles in the new social economy. However, one of the most important roles is the Research Librarian, who actively listens, observes and dissects the conversations that take place with customers, media, bloggers, and other stakeholders in web communities.

Perspectives Launch Party 0

April 15, 2009 was the launch party for the Perspectives Book Series at Barnes & Noble in Clifton, New Jersey. Course Technology PTR, part of Cengage Learning, and series creator and editor, Jason Miletsky, who is my business partner at PFS Marketwyse, published Perspectives, which is an innovative new book series that covers topics such as marketing, branding, managing employees, and increasing sales.

PR 2.0 and Internal Culture Change 0

During my MBA program, I remember reading the book, “Leading Change” by John P. Kotter.  Every so often you come across a meaningful book where the philosophies stick with you.  I can honestly say that John Kotter’s thoughts on the approach to change in an organization are still with me today. Although businesses have changed […]


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