Author Susan Young Joins #PRStudChat on Tuesday, Feb. 19th to Discuss Social Media & Business Communications 1

As we roll into February, PR and marketing professionals are actively incorporating social media in their personal and professional communications. Moving beyond simply gaining likes and followers and sharing fun apps on Facebook, social media can be used effectively in your business communications; from better blogging techniques, which spark passionate conversations with stakeholders to reaching […]

8 PR Practices Website Launches to Help Visualize PR Hybrid Approach

8 PR Practices Website Launches to Help Visualize PR Hybrid Approach 2

I’ve been practicing the PR Hybrid approach for the last 10 years. My book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional was my first attempt at crystallizing these new PR roles and providing a framework for communication professionals. The book focuses on eight distinct practices that PR pros are carrying out everyday. […]

PR 2.0 and the New Curriculum for Colleges and Universities 10

recently attended the New Jersey AdClub’s Career Day at Montclair State University on April 7, 2009, after being asked to participate on their Public Relations panel. Students of all ages (not just juniors and seniors, but adult students as well) attended the event. The day was divided into breakout sessions where PR, marketing and business students were able to select the sessions of their choice.

Interview in Perspectives Book 2

wanted to share my recent interview that appeared in a new book, Perspectives on Branding, part of Cengage/Thompson Learning’s, Perspectives Series.” I participated in this interview for a few reasons. First, if you know me, I can’t say no to the opportunity to educate professionals and to discuss PR 2.0. I was also happy to participate in this interview because my business partner at PFS Marketwyse, Jason Miletsky, is the series editor.

Public Relations for the PR Industry 2

When Brian and I were writing our book, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, a large part of our focus was to identify the issues in PR, to motivate professionals to tackle challenges in the industry and to move forward with a new approach. As we sorted through our research and had numerous conversations with experts, both in our industry, in social media, the complaints were all similar. PR lost its credibility and it was time to build back the integrity and respected reputation of a 100+ year old industry. The more we talked to people and reviewed blog posts, tweets and comments surrounding the concerns in our industry, we realized that the problems existed for a long time. Today, social media along with the ability for anyone to become a content producer highlights these pressing PR issues and propels them into the spotlight.

The PR 2.0 Rock Star (aka Champion) 2

I read a really good article in O’Dwyers PR Report, the March 2009 Food, Beverage & Nutrition PR Issue. The article written by Danielle Pagano, “Celebrity food: turning chefs into rock stars” discussed how in PR, having a good solid product sometimes isn’t enough. There’s a tremendous opportunity, especially today with PR 2.0 and social media communications to make a real personal connection with people. The article provides a recipe for turning a chef into a rock star in a 4-step process: the look, the philosophy, the trend and the show.

PR 2.0 Don’t Forget LinkedIn 4

feel very connected to my social networking sites. First, there’s Twitter. I check Twitter in the early morning, I’m tweeting most of the day (unless I’m in meetings or it’s the weekend with family) and then I’m logged back in at night to tweet with friends. My second favorite social networking site is Facebook. There’s so much to do and many interesting ways to engage in conversation. And, even though I liked the old Facebook better, I’m still a big fan. I also enjoy sharing photos on Flickr and I’m finding more people to connect with on FriendFeed and Plaxo. But, there’s one social networking site that deserves recognition. What about LinkedIn? Well that’s a very good question.

Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, The Day after the Official Launch 16

Yesterday was the official launch of my 4th book published by Pearson, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, co-authored by Brian Solis. This is the first time that I worked on a year-long writing project with Brian, who is not only a pleasure to work with but he enriched the process and made this a wonderful and thought-provoking experience for me (Thank you, Brian). Every page of this book illustrates our passion for public relations, social media and technology, and how PR 2.0 is reshaping a well established, century-old industry.

PR 2.0 Book PR 5

I’ve been writing books on how public relations has evolved with the advent of the Internet since the late 90’s and as a PR professional, I have launched my fair share of books written by others since the late 80’s. When I compare launch strategies and tactics from 1989 and 1999, to what I’m doing today, it’s enough to make me stop and reflect. Both technology and marketing have become so savvy and one-to-one marketing/PR is the only way to launch a book in The Long Tail.

PR 2.0 Blogging – Should Bloggers Accept Gifts? 4

I posted an article on Twitter the other day about bloggers accepting gifts and how there was controversy over the topic. The article in PR Week focused on how paid blogger coverage received mixed reviews. This question has been weighing on my mind so I decided to ask a few PR professionals their opinions on the subject. I found out, as I spoke with these communications people, it’s a split decision as to whether bloggers receiving gifts should be and accepted practice. Just to preface the opinions written on this page, the folks commenting are not aware of any formal Code of Ethics in the blogosphere that includes the practice of gift giving to bloggers.

Video 2.0, Interview with Doug Simon 4

I met Doug Simon last year at the PRSA T3 conference in New York City. Doug is President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, which has been serving public relations and marketing professionals since 1986 by delivering their messages through video. I thought it would be great to get Doug’s perspective on some of the questions that many communications professionals have regarding the use of video on the web and how to create video effectively to generate buzz in online communities. Here are a few questions that Doug was kind enough to answer.


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