The ABC Approach to 2013 New Year’s Resolutions 2

It’s that time of year again … Finalizing our New Year’s Resolutions and reviewing how we are going to accomplish our 2013 goals. Here is my ABC approach to New Year success:[A]ction, Be [B]old, and [C]oncentrate. Add in [D]etermination and you will have a winning year.  I’m looking forward to a New Year of new […]

How To Give A Tweet-Worthy Media Interview

How To Give A Tweet-Worthy Media Interview 2

The last time you watched a major event on television—a presidential debate, the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl—did you have your smartphone within reaching distance?

Book Review: The Power of Communication 2

The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia is on of my new favorites in 2012. The book focuses on building trust and loyalty through strategic communications and offers a well-rounded view of how to win “the hearts and minds” of the public. Most importantly, it educates you on how to communicate effectively and without self-inflicted harm, especially during a crisis.

New PR 2.0 Measurement – Part I 15

One of my Twitter buddies, @weldfeldpr, inspired me to write this blog post. However, before I can dig into the specifics tools to measure the tweets and conversations (which will be part II of this post) I want to set up some guidelines and introduce the new metrics for PR 2.0. Overall, how do we measure the effectiveness of PR today to include our social media activity?

PR 2.0 Reputation Mending 0

I can’t remember a time in my PR career when a brand (B2B or B2C) wasn’t in some kind of trouble. From product recalls and e coli poisoning to airline flights cancellations and accounting scandals. Enron, WorldCom and Arthur Anderson resulted in Sarbanes Oxley and more financial transparency and stricter reporting procedures. I’m not sure if social media would have helped those companies. But, today is different. On any given day, a brand that is on top of the world (i.e., athletes and MLB) can fall from grace. Did anyone say Alex Rodriguez? There is a way to restore the trust.

PR 2.0 Tools & Resources – MyPRGenie 4

There are so many new, great PR 2.0 tools and resources that deserve recognition. Today’s blog post focuses on MyPRgenie (, which touts itself as a public relations delivery platform for the 21st century. Whenever I come across a service that I find interesting for PR professionals, I always ask my PR team to evaluate the offering. Here are a couple of uncensored reviews of the MyPRgenie delivery platform:

The PR 2.0 Change 3

I’m basing my blog post on the reaction to my last post on “PR of the Past vs. PR 2.0 Today.” I wrote that post to pinpoint the amazing technological differences between today and year’s past and how a PR person’s role has altered (for the better). But, the real discussion (the comments on my blog) focused on how PR people need to evolve as a result of social media communications and how there’s still resistance. As a matter of fact one comment stated, “A lot of PR people don’t even know that PR has evolve[d]…or they don’t want that!”

New PR Vocabulary 5

My daughter gets a vocabulary quiz every week in her English class. I vaguely remember having the same quizzes when I was her age. I think that communications professionals need a series of weekly quizzes to keep us all on our toes, up to date on social media and new technology, and to keep us “in the know” so we can properly advise our clients.

Social Media Release vs. the Traditional Release 9

Almost daily, I find myself explaining and counseling on the differences between the Social Media Release (SMR) and the traditional news release. When I look at the SMR template and the traditional press release, I immediately notice the differences just based on the information in the SMR and the way it’s organized.  SMR’s are not […]

Credibility and the Typo 5

My blog post was inspired by Kami Huyse’s post “When a Typo is the Difference between Life and Death.” Kami discussed how a simple typo resulted in a young man being hospitalized with a bullet in his liver. I commented on her blog admitting that I really didn’t think about the serious ramifications of a typo outside of my field. In healthcare, law enforcement and many other industries a typo means more than just your image or reputation. It could be someone’s future or their life.

You are Your Profile 2

I remember my mother telling me when I was younger, “The people you associate with affect your reputation.”  When I was 14, I’m not sure I believed her or cared.  However, now that I’m a Mom, and my daughter is social networking, I care! I try to be objective and not lecture her too much […]

Changing Roles & Responsibilities 7

Last week I did a blog interview “Test Drive my job” with Amanda Miller Littlejohn at Mopwater PR & Media Notes .  I answered a series of questions about my job, what I do every day, what I like about my marketing agency and what I would want to see change. After she posted the […]

The Virtual Consultant 2

When I first heard that we would be using a virtual consultant as a part of my client’s Social Media portal, I was skeptical. My first reaction was that the consultant would never be able to communicate or educate people like a trained marketer or a live member of a company. After working with Inteliwise (, I’ve changed my mind, and I a great respect for their virtual consultants.

Holiday Twitter Discussion 3

What happens when you get a bunch of marketers together for the Holidays?  Well, if it’s the PFS crew, then you talk about social media.   The appetizers didn’t even come out and my business partner, Jason, brought up his prediction on Twitter.  Of course, Jason and I, as much as we agree, we also agree […]


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