PR Practice #2: The Internal Collaboration Generator Chart of Responsibilities 0

In my book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, PR Practice #2 is the Internal Collaboration Generator. This practice focuses on the communications professional who appreciates how social media collaboration starts on the inside of the organization. Because social media moves across the organization, it’s imperative for you work more closely with your own department, as well as with other departments including Advertising, Marketing, Web, IT, HR, Legal, Sales, etc.

PR Practice #1: PR Policymaker Chart of Responsibilities 4

Finally, my book, “Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional” is done!  I just reviewed the cover and the manuscript is in its final form.  It was a fairly smooth process with only one slight hiccup.  After writing almost 300 pages, my publisher told me that I had to cut […]

On March 22nd, PRStudChat Discusses “Public Relations: Art or Science?” 1

Public relations is a blend of art or creative writing communications and science, which is a structured strategy, with defined goals and measurement revealing valuable business outcomes.  Today, the argument of art or science is in the spotlight, as PR professionals are faced with increased accountability for their communications programs.  As a result, we are […]


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