A Young Woman’s Perspective on International Women’s Day 5

March 8,2012 is International Women’s Day (IWD) and Oxfam America is celebrating women who are making a difference in the fight against hunger and poverty. These incredible women around the world are tackling challenges, one initiative at a time. There are women who feed and provide for their children, but are facing hardships that make it nearly impossible.

Social Media Measurement: An Interview with EVP Marty Levine at Prosyna 0

As I was conducting research for my new book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, I came across many interesting measurement tools and platforms. Prosyna was on my list and I learned quite a bit about the platform from Marty Levine, Executive Vice President, at the company. Marty is a marketing and communications specialist and veteran of multiple digital media and technology startups in Silicon Valley, Seattle and Vancouver.

Ifbyphone Measurement Survey Reveals Eighty-Two Percent of Marketers Could Not Measure the ROI of #PR 0

A new marketing measurement survey by Ifbyphone found that an overwhelming majority of marketers (82%) are not effectively measuring the ROI for their public relations campaigns. On top of that, PR was stated to be the most difficult to measure out of all marketing campaigns. In light of the survey findings, I interviewed Mike Santoro, President of Walker Sands Communications, about the factors business owners and marketers must consider before investing in a public relations program.


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