PR Moves Toward Collaboration

It’s no secret that we’re all being asked to do more with less. Efficiency is a regular part of our vocabulary — and a standard by which clients hold us accountable. The question is: Beyond just working faster, what can we do to be more efficient? There are lots of “right” answers, but if you ask me, collaboration tops the list. Lucky for us, there are lots of free or inexpensive tools available to help PR people collaborate with each other.

For Local PR: There’s Simple.PR

As much as the media landscape is shifting and consumers are turning to the social sphere for their news, I still find myself seeking local news from good local print and online sources. My area newspaper is the Asbury Park Press, which I enjoy reading every Saturday and Sunday morning. There’s also a community social network that really digs into what’s going on in my area. When it comes to local news, you just can’t get that from Twitter.

PR 2.0: Google Wave for Collaboration

It took me a little while to receive my invitation to Google Wave and to play around with the platform. For the past few weeks, friends have asked me to discuss my thoughts on Google Wave and if I like it or not. In the beginning, it was difficult to respond, because I just didn’t feel I had enough time to explore to properly make an assessment.

#PRStudChat New Year Celebration: Give the Gift of Learning

Valerie Simon (@valeriesimon) and I just recently announced that Wednesday, December 16, 2009 is the next #PRStudChat. We’re always excited for our Twitter chat, but this particular session carries special meaning and value. It’s the last #PRStudChat session in 2009. In honor of the tremendous amount of learning we’ve experienced, since the inception of our community, we’ve decided that the December session will be called #PRStudChat New Year Celebration: Give the Gift of Learning.

Q&A with Jacob Morgan, Co-Author of Twittfaced

I just finished the book, Twittfaced, by Jacob Morgan and Josh Peters. I think it’s a good social media 101 handbook that provides you with a breakdown of social media tools, platforms and opportunities that are not overwhelming to the reader, but organized so that the information is straightforward and easy to read. I had the pleasure of interviewing co-author, Jacob Morgan. Jacob is a social media consultant and the Principle of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy, focused on strategy, creativity, and results.

Q&A from Vocus Webinar: PR Planning Considerations for 2010 – Part II

Here’s Part II of my blog post: Q&A from the Vocus Webinar: PR Planning Considerations for 2010. These are the last of the questions that I wasn’t able to address, due to time constraints. Once again, I wanted to share my responses on my blog:

Q&A from Vocus Webinar: PR Planning Considerations for 2010

You’ve probably heard me say this before, “One of the best parts about participating in a webinar is what comes after the presentation. It’s the Q&A portion!” Of course, there’s never enough time to answer everyone’s questions. So, I always try to answer what didn’t get a response, here on my blog. I’m answering these questions, from the Vocus Webinar: PR Planning Considerations in 2010, in a two-part blog post, with the part one below:

Vocus Webinar: PR Planning Considerations for 2010

On November 12, 2009, I participated in the Vocus PR Planning Considerations for 2010 Webinar. I discussed the challenges of PR planning for 2010 and how to plan for the “unknown, unknowns.” When I think about the “unknown, Unknowns,” I feel that just being in public relations means always planning for the unexpected, based on our roles and responsibilities. We’re seen as the “conscience” of the company, reputation managers and damage control officers. Social media communication adds a whole new level of complexity to our planning process.

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