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2014: A Year of New Initiatives

It’s almost the end of the year. I usually write a “Trends in PR” or a “New…

Continuing Education…Is It “Learning” or “Information Overload”?

I’ve finally come down from the “high” that I always experience after attending the PRSA International Conference. In a nutshell, the conference was four days of learning, learning, and learning along with nonstop networking opportunities.


Be the Smartest Person in the Room

I’ve always believed you learn more from your experiences or what your teacher says rather than from a textbook. I know you remember a phrase, a quote or a speech one of your professors gave that still resonates with you to this day. During my junior year in college, my professor told the entire class to, “always be the smartest person in the room.” Seems simple enough, right? And then it sets in …

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Your Personal Brand Matters… A Lot!

You’ve probably heard that personal branding is not that important. If you did, kindly toss that thinking out of your brain. Personal branding matters now; it matters tomorrow and it should matter the rest of your career.

Brad Phillips

10 Things You Need to Know Before Going On TV

Appearing on television can be an odd experience. In one of the stranger (but more common) formats, you may be escorted to a closet-size booth, in which you will speak into a camera operated by a technician hundreds of miles away.


Does a PR Stunt Work or is it a Wasted Effort?

Two weeks ago, I walked into my NYU classroom. Sitting on the desk was a package, wrapped in a FedEx envelope with a rubber band around it. There was a small note with my name and classroom number. When I first looked at the package, I thought to myself, “Suspicious.” You may be asking, “Why?” but I won’t get into the details of the notes, packages and information people have left for me in the past.


Save the Date: #PRStudChat Talks All Things Personal Branding on 11/12

Calling all PR students, professionals and educators! On November 12 at 8:30 p.m. #PRStudChat is talking all things personal branding, both online and off.


PR ‘Professional’ or ‘Practitioner’?

I’ve wanted to talk about this for eons. It’s something that started bugging me back in my internship days and continues to do so 40 years later. In my mind, there are two types of people who work in our line of business. There are the “practitioners” and there are the “professionals.”

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