Four Quick Tips for Marketing to Bridge the Gap with IT

Have you ever come across an article that makes you look twice? I was perusing my husband’s CIO magazine (yes, a hard physical copy), during my usual morning “catch up on articles” routine, when the article, “No More Troubled Water” popped off the page. I was going to pass the article by, until I read the subhead … One Marketer Turned CIO Offers Four Key Techniques For Bridging the Gap Between IT and Marketing. I was immediately interested and happy that I did the double take.

Q&A with Author Stefan Pollack on iGen & Communicating with the Next Generation

You may be wondering about iGen, also known as Generation Z, and how they interact and communicate. Stefan Pollack, President of The Pollack PR Marketing Group and the Author of the book, Disrupted, knows just how to reach iGen and the best ways to become a relevant part of their world. I read Stefan’s book and wanted to share his insights with you. Below is our Q&A interview to give you a glimpse into the youth culture of today.

#PRStudChat Explores the Definition of Engagement: The Word With Many Meanings

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 and best of luck to our #PRStudChat graduates!

The Mashable article, “The Big Word That Means Very Little,” written by Lauren Hockenson states, “You can’t get through a communications think tank, social presentation or even a press release without seeing the word “engagement.

Should You Really Communicate Immediately In a Crisis?

You may have heard this expression: “When a crisis strikes, you need to communicate immediately.”

Public Relations: The Pride of Accomplishment

I’ve been feeling a little reflective for all kinds of good…and not-so-good…reasons. Don’t want to dwell on the “not-so’s” today…weather’s too nice and the semester’s winding down…so I’ll get right to the good stuff.

Collaborate in the First Virtual Hackathon – #Commhacks For Communications Pros

Here’s something fun to add to your May activities … My friend Sarah Evans emailed me last night to let me know that Tracky had just launched the first Virtual Hackathon called #Commhacks for communications professionals.

5 Tactics Reporters Use To Intimidate You

My media training clients often tell me they don’t trust reporters because they use “sleazy” tactics to coax information from them. When I hear that, I ask my clients this question: “Are there ever times you tell your colleagues something behind closed doors that you’d rather not share with the reporter?”

#PRStudChat Explores Summer Internships & Career Opportunities for Students on Thursday, April 25th

It’s not summertime yet, but most of the #PRStudChat student population is thinking about summer internships. What type of internship would be best? How do I make the most of my Internship and what are expected of Interns as they encounter real world PR experience? These are a few of the topics we’ll explore with our community on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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