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Radio: Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Interview

I’ve done hundreds of radio interviews throughout my career. They seem simple. After all, you just pick up a phone or visit a studio and have a conversation with the host. But radio interviews are nothing like normal conversations (unless your friends take listener phone calls and toss to a commercial break every few minutes!).


Special Announcement: #PRStudChat Celebrates its Four-Year Anniversary on Tuesday, August 27th

Four years ago, Angela Hernandez asked me to contribute to a blog interview series called, “Is PR Right for Me?” Little did we know at the time that my answers to Angela’s questions would spark a special chain of events … a DM between Valerie Simon and myself that emerged into a wonderful friendship, as well as the birth of our dynamic PR community, #PRStudChat.


Book Review: Digital Marketing Analytics

I spent the last week in Rhode Island vacationing with my family. One of my favorite vacation activities was reading on the beach. My book of choice was Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World by Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary. After finishing the book, I’m happy to report it was a great read.

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Three Little Secrets to Find PR Expansion & Opportunity

On July 16th, I had the honor of speaking at the Council of PR Firm’s InternFest 2013. …


PR Expanded / “PR: Make It Personal”

I’ve had easily a half-dozen or more one-on-one conversations this summer with students – current and former – from Curry College, where I teach PR full-time in our undergraduate Communication Department, and Regis College, where I teach part-time in the graduate Organizational and Professional Communications program.

#Ethics in an Age of Social Media & Public Conversations

In an age of public conversations, ethical decision making and accurate communications are top of mind for the PR professional. With the public accessing social media for their news and information, the topic of ethics is even more prominent. The major professional associations provide a Code of Ethics to educate and guide PR professionals on the subject. However, with the shifting media landscape and technology advancing rapidly, communications ethics are challenged.

Brad Phillips

Six Ways to Prepare Office Staff For a Reporter’s Visit

A local reporter is scheduled to visit your office in a few days to conduct an interview with you.

It’s a critical interview for your company, one that will impact your growth, your reputation, and your bottom line. You prepare for it carefully, huddling with your leadership team and preparing highly memorable media messages that will gain the audience’s attention—and trust. You may even conduct a mock interviewing session to gain comfort when answering challenging questions.

Professionalism, Responsibility and Communication

When on vacation in Taiwan, I always read one of the English-language newspapers to keep up with what’s going on both globally and locally. This year, I noticed a preponderance of articles, analyses, and commentaries addressing the issue of accurate communication in today’s mega-wired, anything-can-be-reported world.

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