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Last night #PRStudChat had a very dynamic discussion with community members about the PR Influencer and how to build trust online.  We heard some excellent insight from our students, educators and pros.  Now it’s time to see what our special guest, @chrisbrogan said about being a PR influencer.  Here are Chris’ responses to our questions last night:

@PRStudChat Q1: What does it mean to be a Trust Agent?

Chris Brogan: A trust agent is someone who acts as a human bridge between a company/brand and the people.

Chris Brogan: Example: Morgan Johnston is a trust agent for JetBlue.

Chris Brogan:  The idea was that people would need to learn how to be “Human at a distance.”

@PRStudChat Q2: Why is so important to become an “Agent Zero?”

Chris Brogan: Connectors are everything in a networked world. Agent zero is the connector’s connector.

Chris Brogan: We need more than your smarts. We need your network. We need your presence.

Chris Brogan: Agent Zero is the person who can move people to take action and help others grow.

@PRStudChat Q3: How long does it take to become a member of a community and what steps do you take?

Chris Brogan: That’s a hard question to answer. How long does it take to fall in love?

Chris Brogan: I think the easiest way to answer is that by being helpful and not asking for much back, you win.

Chris Brogan: No fewer than 3 months, and that’s rushing things.

@PRStudChat Q4: What are the characteristics of an influencer?

Chris Brogan: Influencers are the types of people who motivate others to take action.

Chris Brogan: They can use this power for good or evil. There are plenty of negative influencers in the world.

Chris Brogan: The best influencers love their community and benefit from that love indirectly. (OPRAH)

@PRStudChat Q5: New standing #PRStudChat PSA Opportunity- What handle or hashtag would you like to share with the community?

Chris Brogan: My favorite charity is a tie between and I think both missions are vital.

PRStudChat Q6: Who are some of the great influencers that have built trust with their communities?

Chris Brogan: I think @chrisgarrett has a great community. @problogger does, too. They’re both heart-first guys.

Chris Brogan: @LizStrauss is another great community person. So is @barefoot_exec.

@PRStudChat Q7: Do businesses need to have their employees build trust online to be more successful?

Chris Brogan: I think some businesses can be successful without working on online trust, but…

Chris Brogan: …companies who work on trust will outperform their competitors, as it’s a great lever.

@PRStudChat Q8: What is your advice to students and professionals with respect to becoming an influencer?

Chris Brogan: Don’t focus on becoming an influencer. Focus on building a personal presence and platform that…

Chris Brogan: …helps you help others. The more you help others publicly (without bragging), the better it gets.

Chris Brogan: It’s really, really important to realize that influence is made up of three things:

Chris Brogan: Influence is: 1.) Repetition 2.) Entertainment 3.) Value

Chris Brogan: Influence comes from people knowing what you’re about (repetition)


Chris Brogan: Influence comes from people wanting to listen to you (entertainment)


Chris Brogan: Influence comes from giving something important to others (value)

If you want to compare the community’s answers to Chris’ responses, you can check out the transcript (make sure you click on “View Transcript) from last night’s discussion.  We think the #PRStudChat community did a great job with their responses and provided really good insight on the PR Influencer topic!

Remember to comment on the PRStudchat blog to our influencer question.  Several members of the community will be selected to win a copy of Chris’ book, Trust Agents.  And, please take the time to thank @ChrisBrogan for sharing his thoughts and @RuderFinn, last night’s sponsor, for making our book giveaway possible!

A Little More About PRStudChat:

It began with a simple question asked by Angela Hernandez, then President of PRSSA at Central Michigan University (CMU).  “Is PR Right for me?” A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals… A community where everyone could learn and grow together. Read more

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