Building a Strong & Supportive Community 6

I feel that I can speak from experience (and from the heart) on the topic of building a strong and supportive community.  Building #PRStudChat with @valeriesimon is one of the most rewarding initiatives in my professional career. Interacting in the community gives me the feeling of strength, knowledge, certainty, support, guidance, and friendship, in an […]

How to Introduce & Support Your Social Media Policy 6

Now that you’ve written your organization’s social media policy…you’re only halfway there.

Are You Archiving Social Media? 8

The past few years have been revolutionary for PR and communications. We’ve seen changes in our approach and in new technologies that allow us to share, collaborate and connect directly with our constituents.

Questions About Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Platforms 19

There are a lot of great technology partners. You need to roll up your sleeves and test several of these platforms to see which one meets the needs of your programs or the needs of different clients.

#PRStudChat Challenge Winner 3

Finally, we’re ready to announce the winner of the #PRStudChat Challenge.  The two finalists were: Finalist #1: Karen Russell, PR Professor at the University of Georgia. Editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research. Karen’s collaborative lit review: group SM book review: offered a great example of the use of collaborative learning techniques […]

Beauty 2.0 in NYC 1

New York City has some of the best venues to host a networking event.  Find a cool location and combine with an interesting topic (Beauty 2.0) and what do you have?  The  makings of a really creative and collaborative night.  That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, November 9th. Beauty industry professionals, media and bloggers met […]

#PRStudChat November 2010 Event Session Update 5

We’re getting closer to our #PRStudChat November 18th 2010 event session, which will highlight a panel of thought leaders in event planning and leadership from PR industry organizations that hold events all year round. The session will focus on events for professionals and how to maximize opportunities to learn and build relationships. And, now, it’s time to […]