The Techniques of the New PR Champion Webinar: Q&A Part II 0

For those of you who caught my December 7th Vocus Webinar on “The Techniques of the New PR Champion,” here’s Part II of the Q&A. I can tell from the number of questions, (there were over 65 with some duplication), PR professionals are ready to embrace new practices and they’re looking at 2012 as a […]

Influence is NOT…. 2

It’s Friday, so let’s keep it light and fun, yet meaningful.  Today’s topic is influence. Because influence is often difficult to define, I wanted to take an opposite approach to discuss what influence is not.  So here goes…Influence is NOT: About technology or an algorithm that captures a score; influence is about the people and […]

The PR Influencer Index: Let Your Peers Rate You 2

Last week I wrote a post, The Characteristics Index: Rate Yourself, which discussed the attributes or characteristics that you could cultivate to become an influencer.  They ranged from trust and knowledge to motivation and passion.  A very interesting comment on my blog prompted me to write this post.  I can’t thank Lisa Gerber enough for […]

The PR Influencer Characteristic Index: Rate Yourself 6

I’ve been examining the characteristics of an influencer and the rise to influence among a network of peers. I’ve narrowed it down to several characteristics that I’d like to share with you.  Each characteristic has different values, so you can cultivate these attributes on your own.  My philosophy is that if you can rate yourself […]

The Influencer & The Give Factor 3

I want to move away from the influencer numbers (reach, resonance, relevance) for a moment and focus on the characteristics that “create” an influencer. Do you think it’s possible for an ordinary person (yes, that means you and me), with daily communication to cultivate certain characteristics and become noticed, appreciated, recognized and regarded as someone with influence?

Post #PRStudChat PR Influencer Discussion: @Chris Brogan’s Thoughts 1

Last night #PRStudChat had a very dynamic discussion with community members about the PR Influencer and how to build trust online. We heard some excellent insight from our students, educators and pros. Now it’s time to see what our special guest, @chrisbrogan said about being a PR influencer. Here are Chris’ responses to our questions last night:

The PR Influencer: A #PRStudChat Special Announcement 2

We are less than a week away from our February 23rd #PRStudChat with our very special guest @ChrisBrogan, co-author of Trust Agents. Chris joins us that night at 9:00 p.m. ET (please note the time change as we usually begin at 8:30 p.m. ET) for our Twitter discussion on the PR influencer and how to […]