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PRStudChat Announcement: Tips for Strategic Public Relations Planning

On March 13, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. ET, #PRStudChat will present “Tips for Strategic Public Relations Planning” for our students, educators and professionals. The session will focus on strategic planning in public relations and the ever-changing challenges confronting PR professionals. Students will get a chance to test their knowledge of PR planning, and professionals will have the opportunity to share insights and experiences.


#PRStudChat Works With Sparkpr to Promote Conversation Around PR & Social in 2014

The industry is thriving. Facebook is 10 and social networking apps are sprouting like spring flowers in bloom. The digital realm is a noisy place full of opportunities for PR pros, marketers and communicators. But with the meteoric rise of social media for brands, in comes further challenges that face communications campaigns.


PRStudChat Kicks off the New Year with Startup PR

For students and recent grads with an entrepreneurial spirit, startups provide an ideal training ground to expand your skills, witness the ins and outs of growing a business from the ground up, and gain a wide-range of valuable, hands-on experiences.


Save the Date: #PRStudChat Talks All Things Personal Branding on 11/12

Calling all PR students, professionals and educators! On November 12 at 8:30 p.m. #PRStudChat is talking all things personal branding, both online and off.


Special Announcement: #PRStudChat Celebrates its Four-Year Anniversary on Tuesday, August 27th

Four years ago, Angela Hernandez asked me to contribute to a blog interview series called, “Is PR Right for Me?” Little did we know at the time that my answers to Angela’s questions would spark a special chain of events … a DM between Valerie Simon and myself that emerged into a wonderful friendship, as well as the birth of our dynamic PR community, #PRStudChat.

Join #PRStudChat on Tuesday, June 18th to Explore Generational Marketing: From iGen (Gen Z) to Baby Boomers

The summer of 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of a new generation of consumers who have entered into the marketplace and joined the workforce. This generation is known as iGen or Generation Z. Born between the years 1994 and 2004, iGen is significantly different than any of its predecessors. This generation is considered the most informed with an abundance of knowledge at its fingertips.

#PRStudChat Explores the Definition of Engagement: The Word With Many Meanings

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 and best of luck to our #PRStudChat graduates!

The Mashable article, “The Big Word That Means Very Little,” written by Lauren Hockenson states, “You can’t get through a communications think tank, social presentation or even a press release without seeing the word “engagement.

#PRStudChat Explores Summer Internships & Career Opportunities for Students on Thursday, April 25th

It’s not summertime yet, but most of the #PRStudChat student population is thinking about summer internships. What type of internship would be best? How do I make the most of my Internship and what are expected of Interns as they encounter real world PR experience? These are a few of the topics we’ll explore with our community on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 8:30 p.m. ET.