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The Techniques of the New #PR Champion: Webinar Q&A Part IV

My December 7th Vocus Webinar on “The Techniques of the New PR Champion,” sparked many questions from…

Shifting Roles from Communications Liaison to Blogger

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely take off my PR hat; it’s usually “on”…

Public Relations Expanded: Eight Social Roles Assigned

Here’s the good news…if your organization is participating in social media, then the public relations function has…

Socializing the Newsroom

I was recently invited to participate in TEKgroup International’s Online Newsroom Summit in September. A great deal has changed over the years with respect to developing or “socializing” your newsroom. Because companies are looking to accommodate social audiences, the newsroom is an area that has experienced a makeover.

Internal Social Media Education & Collaboration

I’ve been writing about the social media audit process, uncovering what an organization learns when they go through this exercise. My last post “The Social Media Audit: Five Common Missing Pieces” mentioned the fifth missing piece as “Training and Education.”

The PR Influencer: A #PRStudChat Special Announcement

We are less than a week away from our February 23rd #PRStudChat with our very special guest…

Social Media Policy Development: A Best Practice Approach

The key to building an effective social media policy is to customize the guidelines to meet the needs of your organization. A well developed policy will guide your employees in the many ways that they engage in social communications. The best practice approach requires that your organization invest the time, resources, and effort to plan and build a policy that empowers the organization, allows people to understand the value of social media and helps them to see how they can better participate as internal brand champions.

A Daily Reading Regimen to Keep You in the “Know”

You may have heard me say this before, but it’s really important to read everyday to stay on top of the trends, news and industry information. There are so many great resources for professionals to keep us in the “know.” However, we also need to set up a daily reading regimen to peruse interesting articles, blogs, newsletters, etc.