Three Pressing Questions in PR: What Students Want to Know

Three Pressing Questions in PR: What Students Want to Know 0

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting my PRSA friends in Rochester at the PRSA Northeast District Conference. Together, we were blurring the lines and carving out the Modern Day Communicator.

How to Get Ahead in PR and in Business

How to Get Ahead in PR and in Business 4

I spent a good part of last week in Orlando at the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Annual Conference. After my session concluded, there was one question, which stood out in my mind. I was so pleased to have a young professional approach me to ask, “How do you get ahead in public relations and […]

Relationship Building is My Career

Relationship Building is My Career 8

After working in public relations and marketing for years, I’ve come to realize that relationship building is not just a handy skill or a tool in your PR toolkit that’s cultivated for the brands and companies you represent. Although it’s a huge part of your work, it also marks the cornerstone of a successful career in PR.

Bloggers Have More of an Influence in 2011 14

I found a really interesting annual study by Technorati called, “State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology.” Of particular interest to me was the breakdown of the different types of bloggers and the motivations and consequences for blogging.  If I were to categorize myself in relation to this study, my blogging falls in two […]

Who Are You Teaching Today? 7

A Guest Post by Shonali Burke As I’ve been getting more involved in social media over the last few years, one of the roads my career has seen me walk is that of teacher. Three years ago, I serendipitously landed an adjunct faculty position at Johns Hopkins, where, ever since, I have been teaching a […]

Tips to Improve Media Pitches, Based on My HARO Experience 4

A Guest Post By Heather Whaling As PR people, we’re constantly told, “Target your pitches” or “Build relationships with journalists” or “Help journalists meet their deadlines.” But, are we practicing what we preach? I recently used HARO ( to find sources for a Mashable article I was writing. Normally, I’m the PR person responding to […]

The DNA of an Apology 0

Every week, it seems there is a new PR crisis sweeping across our Twitter streams. Groupon, Airbnb, Kenneth Cole, Esquire, the list goes on and on. Most recently, Netflix has faced backlash for their price hikes and response or lack there of. With all of these instances, it seems that companies still aren’t understanding the […]

Are you Prepared for the Shift in the Purchasing Process? 0

A Guest Post By Valerie Simon 1990:  I want to go to a new restaurant. I open up the yellow pages, or a copy of a local magazine to find a seafood restaurant nearby. I call two additional restaurants for more information and reservations. 2000:  I want to go to a new restaurant. I do […]