To My #PR Tech Tester Friends: Help with the Social Web is Here!

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If you’ve been following my blog posts for the last couple of months, they’ve been focused on several new practices in PR, as a result social media communications.  In my book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, PR Practice #3 emphasizes the role of the Tech Tester.  Today, it’s imperative for communications professionals to learn about new technology, including monitoring and engagement platforms.

To all my Tech Tester friends, here’s a new platform to test: JugnooMe™, which is the first in a collection of social marketing tools designed to make the social web simple, accessible, and monetizable.  The platform launched in February 2012, and there are many exciting initiatives in store to help business owners overcome the challenges they face when promoting their brands on the social web.

However, before you start your tech testing of JugnooMe, here is a video interview with Danny Brown, VP, Partner Strategy at Jugnoo, Inc.  For those of you who don’t know Danny well, he is an award-winning marketer and blogger. As a matter of fact, he’s recognized as one of the leading marketing bloggers in the world and is syndicated across the WebProNews, Newstex, AllTop and Social Media Informer networks.

In the interview, Danny answers several questions that dispel the myths of small businesses and social media. He also offers you a glimpse of JugnooMe™ and what makes it different than other social platforms.  Take a look at the video and then have fun tech testing to see if JugnooMe™ is the right platform for you and your company. Let me know how your tech testing goes!

6 Responses to " To My #PR Tech Tester Friends: Help with the Social Web is Here! "

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Well, that is quite the still frame for the video there! 😉

    Thanks so much for allowing us to chat about the product and how it can help, Deirdre, really appreciate it. We have a couple of updates coming in the next 2-3 weeks as well, so if anyone does wish to test to get used to the platform now prior to these updates, we’d love to see them in there, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/feedback/suggestions.

    Thanks again!


  2. My pleasure Danny! Thanks for participating in the video interview for my blog. It’s very exciting that you have a couple of new updates in the near future. Please keep us posted on these enhancements. I think it’s so important for communications professionals to be learning and testing technology. So, I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss JugnooMe with my community members. Good luck and keep in touch 🙂

  3. This is awesome! Very, very nice video and great tips for small businesses…even if Danny Brown is the star.

  4. Deirdre says:

    Hey Gini – LOL and glad you liked the video. Danny did a wonderful job and definitely provided some great tips!

  5. Danny Brown says:

    And I pronounced it right, Gini!!! 😉

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