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Welcome to my PR 2.0 Website.  I’ve been working tirelessly on my book for Pearson Education.  This is my third book and I’m more than half way done. My first book was Cyberbranding, a business book that took a look at how to properly brand and communicate on the Internet.  Unfortunately, the book was outdated by the time it was in its first year of publication.  That’s the way it goes on the Internet.  My second book, The New PR Toolkit, although still used in college classrooms and read by many, is only a primer to PR on the Internet.

My current book, with an expected publication date in the Spring of 2008 is the communication professional’s guide to how and why they need to understand, embrace and use social media, both personally and professionally for brand communication. 

I’m finding this book to be the most interesting research project so far, in my entire career of writing.  Not only is PR 2.0 an engaging subject, but such a timely and popular topic.  It’s great to be writing on a subject that is so widely referenced and discussed.  When you ask a collegue a simple question, the discussion can go on for hours.  I’m also fascinated at the varying levels that communications professionals and their brands have embraced social media.  From the very beginners to the advanced PR 2.0 communicators, I’ve gathered many excellent examples and best practice approaches. 

I invite communications professionals to share their social media experiences with me.  I want to hear about your best practices and new approaches.  If you have a story to tell, you can respond to my post or email me at dbreakenridge(at)pfsmarketwyse.com.

Remember, any and all engaging communication may end up published in my book.   

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  1. Great site. Where can we get more information on PR 2.0

  2. dbreakenridge says:

    Thanks! If you’re just beginnng with PR 2.0, some of the best resources I’ve found are on Shift Communications’ website. Here’s a link to an area that has great PR 2.0 resources that you can download.



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