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“Ethics and values are a personal choice and a professional practice.”

Deirdre Breakenridge

Answers For Ethical Marketers

A Guide to Good Practice in Business Communication

About the Book

Answers for Ethical Marketers is a book with personal stories, shared experiences with business thought leaders, and plenty of questions asked and answered about ethical conduct in communications. It’s a compass to guide you, and a resource to help you tap into your inner “Ethics GPS,” regardless of your organization, position, or the situation at hand.
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About The Author

Deirdre Breakenridge is a career-long storyteller and Chief Relationship Agent (CRA), helping professionals to ignite their engagement, lead pressing market conversation and grow their influence through empowered communications. As a PR, marketing, and media strategist, she has launched programs that deliver creative, passionate and bold stories getting brands and their thought leaders to be seen and heard. Most of all, she’s helped professionals to build genuine relationships that make a difference for their businesses. Today, Deirdre is consulting with professionals and training organizations build genuine relationships with a FEEL lens, which stands for facing your Fears, engaging with Empathy, using Ethics and good judgment, and unleashing the Love of your mission, across communication channels. When you add FEEL to your communication strategy and planning, you’re not only attracting the right people, but you’re also able to build relationships based on trust, advocacy, and greater loyalty.

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