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What does it mean to Baseline your communications?

A Baseline evaluation is your opportunity to learn how you show up in your conversations and interactions, from your vocal to your verbal and non-verbal cues. You’ll get a good understanding of how and why people perceive you when you share information.

The Baseline reveals your level of alignment and clarity of communication. You may think you are an aligned and eloquent speaker. However, you may be saying one thing, sounding another way, and your body language may be demonstrating something entirely different.

Work with Author, Trainer and Communications Strategist, Deirdre Breakenridge to understand if your vocal, verbal, and non-verbal cues (body language) are aligned and in sync for clarity. When these three areas align, you’re in the state of Communications Flow. 

Today, leaders must achieve communications flow within 60 seconds or less.

Just enough time for an audience to decide if they’re interested in what you’re sharing or not. 

In 60 seconds, those mirror neurons kick in and they quickly get to work. When you’re sharing stories and information and people connect with you immediately, the phenomenon of “brain coupling” begins and that’s a powerful and influential connection.

Do you think your voice, the words you use and the way your body shares information are aligned? 

Are you breathing properly when you speak so your voice sounds rich and distinct? 

Are you using the right words by easily accessing them from your brain’s thinking center and is it easy to say what you’re thinking, even under pressure? 

Are you emphasizing certain important points as your body moves in sync with the cadence of your voice?

It’s The Influential Communicator who understand the importance of alignment, including:

Baseline Evaluation Chart

Learning about your Baseline with a quick assessment is a way to understand how you show up in your interactions so you can capitalize on what is working and strengthen what needs to be improved. Plus, as you learn about the different vocal, verbal, and non-verbal cues, you’re able to read the signals of the people around you.

A Baseline evaluation is how you can learn the best of your alignment, and when you are in a state of Communications Flow. 

In marketing, you benchmark your success to see if you are on target to reach a communications goal. Now, you can Baseline your communication to see and benchmark the effectiveness of your interactions, whether you’re in a meeting, giving a presentation, showing up for a media interview or delivering a keynote on stage.

Work with Deirdre, and in few hours you’ll understand your Baseline and what you need to do moving forward to be a more Influential Communicator.

The Baseline is the first step to understanding how you show up as a communicator and why people react to you the way that they do!