Book Review: Social Media for Strategic Communication By Karen Freberg

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Author Karen Freberg Social Media For Strategic CommunicationOne of the best ways to kick off the New Year is with a good book that offers great guidance and takes a deep dive into being more strategic with your storytelling. Social Media for Strategic Communication by Author, Consultant and Professor Karen Freberg is a book that’s jam-packed with strategy, creative techniques and communication tactics. There are so many reasons why I like this book and would recommend it to students, professors and professionals.

Thank you, Karen, for writing another book for the classroom and for business pros that gets two thumbs up (and a big high five from me). Once again, you’ve published a resource that will guide many in their communication in 2019 and beyond!
You can check out my video review to learn why you need to pick up a copy.



2 Responses to " Book Review: Social Media for Strategic Communication By Karen Freberg "

  1. Lydia Ashanin says:

    And where can you get this book? It is on Amazon for $50 – $74, which is just ridiculous. Can you point me towards a more cost-effective copy? Thanks.

  2. Hi Lydia, thanks for your comment. As a textbook for students, Social Media for Strategic Communications is priced higher than you regular business book. I wish educational publishers would make these books less cost prohibitive. I don’t think ordering directly from Sage Publishing would be any better. If there’s a Kindle version (or a used book) then this might be the way to go. The book is jam-packed with information, so I hope you’re able to get your hands on a copy.

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