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Welcome To the FEEL Academy

Communication is at the heart of your company. Your ability to communicate effectively is what captures attention, keeps the interest, creates trust, promotes advocacy, and builds strong lasting relationships with your stakeholders.

When you approach communications with a FEEL First commitment you are agreeing to face Fears (be open and inclusive), have Empathy (your deep understanding and compassion), use Ethics (be truthful) and unleash Love (show energy and passion).

FEEL is the bridge or stepping-stone to extending beyond a point of connection and simple transaction. When you use FEEL as your communications North Star, it’s the first step toward a genuine relationship.

Where does FEEL begin? It’s the point on your communications roadmap where your strategic communications takes you; the place that enables you  to connect with an opportunity to grow or strengthen your bond.

When you add a FEEL First lens to your interactions, the people you reach will feel closer to you and share more with you. When you FEEL First, you’re saying and showing you care about the people you want to engage.

Tuning in and using FEEL in your communications also means learning about yourself and the ways you come across as a communicator.

Being influential, making a difference and creating impact with your communication (as The Influential Communicator) requires a present mindset and self-awareness. You are able to achieve communications alignment, from your vocal and verbal cues to your body language. Then, as  you master alignment and reach a state of Communications Flow, you can also recognize the signal others are sending to you. Now, you are “reading the room.” 

Reading the signals around you, and learning to adjust your communication results in the kinds of relationships that have the opportunity to go deeper, create impact and make a difference.

Online courses to help you FEEL First and to become an Influential Communicator are currently available. You can check out The Influential Communicator course here. For Media Training with a FEEL Lens you can find more information here.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence

By compiling a competitive analysis, you gain insight into your competitors to identify your own advantage and edge in the marketplace. In this course, join marketing expert Deirdre Breakenridge as she explains how to conduct a competitive analysis for your business. In addition to explaining the value of a competitive analysis, Deirdre shares best practices for conducting research on your competition and discerning your own strengths and weaknesses. She also discusses how to analyze your competitor’s strategies to inform your future goals. Finally, Deirdre shows you how to evaluate the outcome of your analysis to drive growth and competitive intelligence.

Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence

Deirdre's Books

Answers For Ethical Marketers

Answers for Ethical Marketers, A Guide to Good Practice In Business Communications,

With advancing technology and evolving media, the journey to ethics has become more complicated for businesses and the professionals who communicate on their behalf. This book, Answers for Ethical Marketers, answers ethical questions, from taking your ethics and values into every media interview to applying ethics and sound judgment throughout your company and communication channels. The book shares how personal and professional ethics align, and how business leaders, managers, and students can maneuver their way around a new media landscape to demonstrate their values and role model ethical conduct.

This book is divided into eight important areas based on where and why a breakdown in ethical behavior is likely to occur, and delivers advice from experts on the frontlines of business communications; professionals who know what it means to face the inherent changes and challenges in their fields. With more than 80 questions and answers, readers will uncover situations where ethics are challenged, and their values will be tested.

This straightforward Q&A reference book is for professionals who realize ethics are a crucial part of decision-making and who want to maintain trust with the public and keep their positive brand reputations in business intact. 

Readers will learn the answers to pressing ethical questions that help them apply good judgment in their own situations, based on the stories, theories, and practical instruction from the author’s 30 plus years of experience as well as the thought leaders featured in this book.

Here’s the link to Amazon where people can pre-order a copy.   Buy the Book

PR Expanded Blog

PR has changed from the behind the scenes development of talking points and third-party endorsements to champion building with the public and using media and influencers to amplify communication. Now, you’re listening more closely, monitoring data and gathering insights, and joining the conversation the right way through social media. As the media landscape and consumer behaviors continue to change, the lines between PR, marketing, branding and customer service are more blurred. The silos are down and we’re learning to use the force of a PR & marketing toolkit with a mix of media to engage and to create action. Professionals realize it’s time to embrace a hybrid approach with a variety of ways to communicate, creating the loyalty and advocacy for companies and their brands.

PR Expanded is a research journey and a passion project offering articles wand resources with practical tips, communication advice and guidance on the best way to approach maintaining public opinion, your reputation and using better communication and decision-making for your business. 

PR Expanded Blog

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