FEEL First When You Want to Build & Keep Unbreakable Bonds

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Every relationship is different and precious in its own way. You work so hard to build relationships and when you make that special connection you don’t want to lose it!

Knowing this, how much do you nurture your relationships and how present are you in those interactions? When you want to build an unbreakable bond you have to show up and be vulnerable, transparent, honest, and compassionate, and with all of your passion in tow. That’s why it’s important to FEEL (face Fears, engage with Empathy, use Ethics and unleash the Love) with every encounter.

There are so many reasons why you should FEEL First when it comes to building and maintaining the health of your relationships. When you FEEL, you’ll be more present and open, your understanding and patience will increase, and you’ll be true to yourself and your values (which does not go unnoticed). You’ll also let your passion loose for others to get excited and for them to find synergies with you.

My FEEL First research and the accompanying model [Note: this is the 2nd iteration of the Infographic] came to life after the tragic loss of a loved one, my stepdaughter. I had to say goodbye to a cherished relationship. For me, relationships will always take center stage. I’m focused on the FEEL First approach to hold dear every relationship I have moving forward.

How much do you FEEL in the relationships you are forging? And, once you’re in a relationship are you still in FEEL mode? Here’s my video with more on FEEL First and how to take this approach to a new level.

2 Responses to " FEEL First When You Want to Build & Keep Unbreakable Bonds "

  1. You offer a more substantive definition of ‘being present’, Deirdre! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Deirdre says:

    Thank you, Tressa! I’m glad you liked the definition. I’ve been working on being present and the more I dive in and focus … the more I love to share how good it feels. I know I can’t get time back, so it’s really important to bring my whole self with me wherever I go. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

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