How to Lose an #Influencer in 10 Days (or Less)

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How to Lose a Guy GraphicDo you remember the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey?  The character Andie Anderson, played by Hudson, is a “how to” beat writer for the magazine “Composure.” She’s challenged with writing the article, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.” When you’re building a relationship, with anyone, you walk a fine line of actions that create a strong bond in the beginning or steps that cause someone to exit the union quickly.

Building relationships with influencers today, whether it’s with bloggers, Twitter personalities, passionate consumers, or any of your stakeholders, is no different. If you act carelessly, especially at the onset, you will lose that influencer in 10 days or less.

Here are 10 of the Don’ts of influencer management and what NOT to do when you want your influencers to participate in marketing / PR programs, rallying their networks and becoming advocates of your brand.

Day 1. If you don’t take the time to learn about your influencers in great detail, and know their personal activity preferences, then you will not “have them at hello” …. I know that’s a different movie, for another day and another post.

Day 2. Don’t assume that your influencers can always be there to participate. Realize that they need to be selective of their activities, based on very busy schedules and time constraints. But, this doesn’t mean the door is closed to opportunity in the future.

Day 3. Don’t be a needy brand, asking for Herculean tasks that will chase influencers away quickly. Make it really easy for them to accept your invitation and to participate actively and comfortably.

Day 4. Don’t take the relationship for granted. Check in often (but don’t be a stalker), and, at times, plan to serve them, rather than always being self-serving.

Day 5. Don’t assume that all influencers come in the same shapes and sizes. Customize your ask based on their participation preferences … what they like to do [product reviews vs. speaking opportunities vs. contributing to your content, to name a few].

Day 6. Don’t give your influencers unrealistic deadlines that will be challenged. You should pad the activity deadlines, and then work with them to get what you need in realistic timeframes.

Day 7. Don’t play too hard to get. Instead, communicate and share with them at regular intervals. Let them know what’s going on in your program and how they’re making a difference. You should also share how you’re working hard to promote their efforts as well.

Day 8. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Depending on the program, sometimes it’s better to have a smaller number of influencers that you’re working with closely, rather than a whole bunch of people who you’re not able to attend to properly in the relationship.

Day 9. Don’t dismiss an influencer’s suggestions about ways to improve your program or your relationship. Take all of the feedback and put it to good use. This shows you care!

Day 10. Don’t have the “honeymoon is over” mindset. You can’t just show the love in the beginning and shower them with “affection,” then leave them high and dry.  Be consistent in your efforts and communication. If you do, you’ll see the relationship blossom long past the first 10 days!

These are a few of the Don’ts that you should avoid at all costs in your influencer relationships. What have you experienced when it comes to managing influencer relationships? If you want to learn more and get the #Influence411, then join Shonali Burke, Gini Dietrich, Jeff Domanski and myself for a Marketwired* Influencer Management 411 Webinar on June 11th at 1:00 p.m. et. Hope to see you there!


* Marketwired is a Pure Performance Comm client.


4 Responses to " How to Lose an #Influencer in 10 Days (or Less) "

  1. I appreciate what you shared here about how important it is to check in and not take the relationships with your influencers for granted. When people help you with your business, whether it’s an introduction to a potential funder or connecting you with a new client, it’s important to make them feel appreciated. I am a big believer in the hand written note or surprise gift. People often miss this easy (and free) opportunity to build goodwill.

  2. Kait says:

    “When you’re building a relationship, with anyone, you walk a fine line of actions that create a strong bond in the beginning or steps that cause someone to exit the union quickly.” Nowhere is this more evident than in influencer marketing. Every interaction counts! This list of Don’ts serves as a useful guide for marketers who rely on influencers to help amplify their message – and who doesn’t? Thanks for the very actionable insights!

  3. Hi Julia, thanks for sharing your thoughts about influencers and relationships. I find that everyone is different, but it’s especially important to know how each person likes to participate and and to also know the participation limits, with these busy VIPs. And, yes, making them feel appreciated is key. The handwritten note is such a nice personal touch!

  4. Hi Kait! Yes, it’s really apparent with influencer marketing and every interaction is a chance to build a stronger relationship. I always like to point out the don’ts … there are many simple errors and missteps often overlooked. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

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