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The Embargoed: Episode 40

Anyone talking to a journalist ought to invest in media training. On this week’s show we talk about new and authentic approaches to media training with Deirdre Breakenridge, a PR & marketing strategist, author, LinkedIn Learning instructor and media trainer.

2022 PR Talk Predictions Podcast

Experts in the PR industry share their predictions for 2022. Can anyone say, “Emotional Intelligence?” Deirdre Breakenridge discusses how the companies and their executives who embrace EI in communication will build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with their stakeholders.

10 Rising Stars in Marketing to Follow on LinkedIn

“The best way to become a better #marketer is to watch what your most inspiring and innovative peers do, and keep on pushing the envelope.” – Tequia Burt, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

How a Children’s Book Helped a Husband and Wife Cope with Tragedy

On NBC TV Fresno Deirdre Breakenridge discussed why it’s important for parents and children to discover the true meaning of the word “feel” and to embrace all of the feelings that bind families and loved ones together.

Mompowerment Interview: Building Deeper Relationships with Deirdre Breakenridge

Entrepreneurship has allowed Deirdre to design her day so that she is present and mindful in her interactions and communication with others. She shares, “I begin my mornings with a routine: reading, meditation, exercising, and journaling.”

How to Use Your Inner GPS in the Workplace with Deirdre Breakenridge [Podcast]

“We have all been faced with an ethical dilemma in the workplace at one point or another and may not have known exactly how to handle it, so Amy invited Deirdre Breakenridge to join the PR Talk podcast and speak about what ethics are, why you need to define yours, and how to put them into action.”

Your California Life ABC-TV KXTV Sacramento Interview

In a world of go, go, go it’s important to stop and be a present parent in a child’s life. Show host, Aubrey Aquino, discusses how a parent’s presence can benefit children with the co-author of Grandpa Don’t Worry, Another Whisper From Noelle, Deirdre Breakenridge. 

Navigating Ethics in Business & Communications

We’re loading up our #Ethics GPS! We’re joined by marketing #expert Deirdre Breakenridge on #LevelUp LIVE ? on what it takes to be an ethical communicator and marketer today.

PR Professional & Podcaster Talks Agenda & Checking Your Grammar

PRfect Pitch show host, Nicole Rodrigues welcomes Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications, host of the Women Worldwide Podcast, and author of Answers for Ethical Marketers and the children’s book A Whisper From Noelle. Deirdre’s infectious positive energy serves as a mechanism to highlight other amazing women on her podcast, and she shares her advice on how to craft a pitch that is concise, grammatically correct, and rooted in a deeper connection rather than just a one time connection. 

Answers for Ethical Marketers Livestream Book Launch

PR Strategist, Author and Media Trainer Deirdre Breakenridge co-hosts the Answers for Ethical Marketers Livestream Book Launch with Richard Bistrong, CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC. They are joined by industry experts and thought leaders who dive into an #ethics discussion with them, sharing different perspectives on ethical conduct and good judgment in #communications.

Interview on NBC-TV WHO Hello Iowa

Author Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola wrote her most recent book to honor the memory of her step-daughter who loved story time when she was little. Children’s books can be a great way for parents to bond with their kids and to be more present in the moment, which is a message she wants to share ahead of Father’s Day. 

Yahoo! / ABC-TV Tampa The Morning Blend Interview

Author Deirdre Breakenridge joins host Carley Boyette on ABC-TV Tampa the Morning Blend to discuss how parents can tune into their children and the children’s book, A Whisper From Noelle. 

Amazon Live: Answers for Ethical Marketers Book Launch on The Business Storytelling Podcast

Host Christoph Trappe interviews Author Deirdre Breakenridge on what it means to be an Ethical Marketer and how leaders need to be ethical role models in their organizations. 

PR Strategies & Hacks for Small Businesses

Deirdre Breakenridge joins Pam Moore, Peter Shankman, Shonali Burke and Sally Fallow for a Designhill Live panel discussion to share some of the strategies, hacks, tips and insights industry insights that are designed to generate brand awareness, traffic and leads for small businesses.

How to Build Your Inner GPS in the Workplace

PR Talk Podcast host, Amy Rosenberg discusses ethics in PR, what it means to be an ethical marketer and how to find your inner Ethics GPS with author, trainer and marketing strategist, Deirdre Breakenridge. 

FEEL framework with Samuel Thimothy on "Coffee with Closers"


Deirdre Breakenridge joins Samuel Thimothy on “Coffee with Closers” to discuss how a FEEL communications framework can engage your teams.

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Networking with "The Experience!"

Deirdre Breakenridge and Holly Jackson, Holistic Business Coach join hosts D. Scott Smith, MBA and Russ Hedge on “The Experience!” to chat about connections, networking and business.

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Deirdre Breakenridge on #TimTalk

Bringing feel back into communication, with a focus on empathy, ethics and being open and diverse in conversations, with Deirdre Breakenridge on #TimTalk.

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Interview on ABC Jacksonville

Authors pull from personal experience for new children’s book (FCL Feb. 8, 2021) |

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Podcast Interview with PeopleHum

PeopleHum recognizes the global influencers who are shaping the future. Proud to be among these inspirational thought leaders in 2021

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New Children's Book, "A Whisper From Noelle"

Author Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola on her new book that helps both parents and children explore feelings together.

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A Whisper from Noelle Interview with FOX 47 Michigan

Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola, authors of a new book A Whisper from Noelle talks to us about the book. For more information please visit

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast

Deirdre Breakenridge Skrabola & Mark Skrabola are on the podcast to celebrate A Whisper From Noelle. After experiencing a family tragedy, Mark and Deirdre set out on a journey to share a global message of hope and heartfelt purpose. They wanted parents and children to discover the true meaning of the word “feel” and to embrace all of the feelings that bind families and loved ones together.

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INspired INsider Podcast

[Top Women Leaders] How To Become a Better Communicator with Deirdre Breakenridge of Pure Performance Communications

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The Business Storytelling Podcast

How PR and Social Media Go Together: Deirdre Breakenridge, joins Christoph Trappe on this live recording of the Business Storytelling Podcast to discuss how the two disciplines work together for maximum success.  

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Ethics & Trust: Building Businesses with Deirdre Breakenridge and Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun and I dive into Ethics in communication and trust in business on her show, Winnie Sun Live. We cover everything from what it means to be ethical and why emotional intelligence matters in your decision-making to spotting fake news and getting past the social media echo chamber.

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Why Content is Still King

Why Content is Still King – This compelling statistic shows that a majority of businesses still believe in content marketing and use it. Deirdre Breakenridge, my guest for today’s podcast episode, is an expert marketer and PR veteran. She’s joined me to help you up your marketing game.

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