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If I asked you to name the top qualities of a leader what would you say? Leaders have vision. They inspire and motivate people. Leaders are creative and they have passion. But, would you say, leaders are people who feel deeply for the people they serve? Is this a conversation that you’re hearing?

As a quick snapshot experiment, using a social media monitoring tool called, SocialMention, I decided to test the strength of the word “Leader” with many of the known characteristics that I’ve just mentioned. When you pair the words, “leader” and “creativity” or “leader” and inspire,” the conversations are strong and the reach is wide. The sentiment is also a high positive ratio.

But what happens when you pair the word “Leader” with “Feel?” Check out my video to learn the strength and reach of this conversation. The results are sad which validates why we leaders today who want to create change and impact need a FEEL model.

F = Uncover your Fears and move out of your comfort zone.

E = Come from a place of Empathy and dig deeper to understand what’s “below the surface” of the people you want to reach.

E = Communicate with Ethics especially in the age of social conversations.

L = Love your mission and believe in the cause so others will want to join you.

Featured image courtesy of Dmitri Popov on Unsplash.

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