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The Road To FEEL

I’ve been a career-long storyteller and Chief Relationship Agent (CRA), helping professionals to ignite their engagement, lead the conversation and grow their influence through empowered communications. As a PR, marketing and media strategist, I’ve launched programs that deliver creative, passionate and bold stories getting brands and their thought leaders to be seen and heard. Most of all, I’ve helped them to build genuine relationships that make a difference for their businesses.

Today, my communications consulting and training workshops take a different approach; a proprietary one with a new model that was built after the tragic loss of my 24-year old millennial stepdaughter. After Noelle passed away, I was looking for answers to many questions that I knew only millennials could answer for me. So, I embarked on a 52+ week research journey and passion project. The millennials who took the time to interview one-on-one with me shared their insights and deepest thoughts. They educated me on what they valued in communication, how they showed up to their conversations, how they wanted to be perceived, what they expected from the leaders around them and what creates trust in a relationship.

These millennials helped me to build a model called FEEL First and an online test (FEELFirstTest.com) to address the disconnect in intergenerational communications. Now, I’m working with professionals and organizations to FEEL, which stands for facing your Fears, engaging with Empathy, using Ethics and good judgment and unleashing the Love of your mission, across communication channels for genuine engagement to build unbreakable bonds.

The model and the FEEL First test help business leaders and managers to gauge if they FEEL First in their communication to experience an authentic connection with different people at various touchpoints. When you add FEEL to your communication strategy and planning, you’re not only attracting the right people, but you’re also able to build relationships based on trust, advocacy, and greater loyalty.

My research journey continues as I build out the FEEL model throughout my own business. Professionals who work with me are learning to FEEL. It begins with finding your Passion Potential, which is the intersection of what you care about and the pain points and passion of your audiences. At this intersection, you have the potential for far more than a simple connection and transaction, especially when you apply a FEEL approach to your brand.

The FEEL Model – FEEL First
The FEEL Model – FEEL First

FEEL ignites engagement through all of your channels. From media interviews and social media to speaking engagements and company meetings, FEEL is the stepping-stone to becoming a trusted leader; you lead the conversation with your mind and your heart as you grow your influence.

FEEL started with a 24-year old millennial who sadly ended her journey. There is no amount of FEEL that can ever bring Noelle back. That’s why it’s important to recognize that FEEL in communications is not just solely for millennials. FEEL is human and it’s for all generations. With five generations in the workforce by 2025, wouldn’t you want to move from connection and simple transaction to true understanding, trust, and loyal champions?

FEEL will get you there. Join me in a movement to emotional intelligence where the heart meets the strategic mind and real relationships are the reward!

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