Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy


If you’re a marketing professional, you understand perfectly well that the Internet has changed all the rules you live by — and especially the rules that impact how you brand your products, services, and organization. Cyberbranding doesn’t merely show you how the rules have changed: it presents a complete framework for branding that works now — and for years to come. In Cyberbranding, crucial questions that marketers have about branding in the 21st century are answered: How do you move your brand online — without compromising the values it already stands for in the “real” world? How can you re-engineer your brand in the wake of the Internet revolution — and how can you create a new brand that leverages the full power of the Web? The book draws a series of insightful interviews with leading Internet branding executives.

6 Responses to " Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy "

  1. bianca says:

    This book seems to be interesting. I am a pr student in Romania and I am studying about branding and all the things related to pr work, including ethics in cyberspace and new media. But branding in cyberspace? Very interesting subject. Well done!

  2. Deirdre says:

    Hi Bianca! Thank you. Cyberbranding was my first book. I remember when the book was published back in 2000. The Internet was changing so quickly that many of the case studies were obsolete before the book was on the shelves. Nonetheless, I enjoyed writing the book and I’m happy that you find it to be an interesting subject. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Cyberbranding.

  3. bianca says:

    Well, the Internet is still changing, and vary fast. I had yesterday a seminar called “New Media” and our teacher invited a pr personality from our country who presented us some previsions about Internet. One of them was the fact that in 2015 television and radio will disappear and I don’t know in what year, the cyberspace will be our life, we will live our real life on the Internet.. I really don’t see these progress being something good..
    Thank you for responding me!

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