Putting the Public Back in Public Relations – Breakenridge / Solis

Putting the public back in Public Relations

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Forget the “pitch”: Yesterday’s PR techniques just don’t work anymore. That’s the bad news. Here’s the great news: Social Media and Web 2.0 offer you an unprecedented opportunity to make PR succeed more powerfully than ever before. This book shows how to reinvent PR around two-way conversations with traditional and new influencers, bring the “public” back into public relations—and earn a new level of results that just wasn’t possible before now.Drawing on their unparalleled experience making Social Media work for business, PR 2.0 blogger Brian Solis and industry leader Deirdre Breakenridge show how to transform the way you think, plan, prioritize, and deliver PR services. You’ll learn new ways to build the relationships that matter and reach a new generation of influencers…leverage platforms ranging from Twitter to Facebook…truly embed yourself in the communities that are shaping the future.Along the way, you’ll learn how to stop being a “publicist” or mere “communicator” and become what your clients or company really need: a genuine enthusiast for the product you represent.

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  2. […] and learn from one another as well as industry thought leader Deirdre Breakenridge (co-author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations along with Brian Solis). In an industry like PR where social media is so important to forming […]

  3. […] was talking about ‘putting the public back in public relations’, which is the topic of her latest book. She mentioned that aside from the increasing need to keep communication simple, social networks […]

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by jimhunt: @dbreakenridge enjoying your book http://bit.ly/6a8b0 and learning throughout. Busy and that is good and fun! How are you?…

  5. […] estar en la red y esperar que la gente encuentre tu marca es un mito, afirma la autora de “Putting the Public back in Public Relations”. Al igual que tener portales con muchos “adornos” en clara referencia a los aspectos […]

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  8. Shelley A says:

    this is my first visit and just wanted to stop by to say Hi All.

  9. I got so enthusiastic… a book I certainly will be buying. I have for a long time now been preaching exactly this – finally we as PR and communications practitioners actually can work as it says in our job titles. To enter into conversations with “the public” and to communicate. It might become noisy and disperse. More hard work to do our homework and to develop the story. Certainly more difficult to “control” but it will be FUN!

  10. Willian Caliman says:

    We should always make public relations as good as possible to have a strong and nice relationship with the public.

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  15. […] “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations” by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge […]

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