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  1. Carlton Flowers
    January 1, 2011 @ 2:46 pm

    Great video! Thank you for sharing. This year, I resolve to do better about focusing and finishing projects. I have a tendency to have wild and frequent brainstorms where I come up with idea after idea, and during the time that I develop and work on turning those ideas into reality, I will jump off of that particular project and start on another idea before finishing. Right now, I am hitting the rewind button and going back to finish some of the better project ideas that I had initiated a few years ago. One is my business blog. I started this project in 2007, worked on it diligently for one year, and then got distracted. But now I am motivated to get it back on the front-burner. I have a reason…

    I travel all over our state (Missouri) working with manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, producers, and more with regulatory compliance, and I found myself “interviewing” different business owners and managers, asking questions about how their business was doing in the midst of this economic downturn. They share the most amazing and insightful information, and I found that the knowledge one company has would often times be of great benefit to another company that may even be in a completely different business sector. Everyone is struggling to “read” the market, and decisions on business operations can be critical at this time. So it has been a thrill to help our Missouri companies to share their knowledge with the goal in mind to help one another.

    That is my main motivation to get my business blog site successful. Monetization will come naturally. All I need to do is remain steadfast and focused on completing and continuing to build the blog.

    Happy New Year, and thanks again for sharing!

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