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Why would a company or executives be reluctant to blog?  For the same reason that the company would be leery about how to control the communication in the blogosphere.  This attitude is slowly changing.  More and more leaders are realizing that blogging is the best way to humanize a company, show the faces and the personality behind a company’s culture, take a stance on an issue, be an expert in an industry and provide a brand with increased exposure.  In a sense, we’re all consumers and whatever products and services we’re purchasing, we want to know, understand and like the people we buy these products and services from.  The faces of your company are representative of your brand. 

Sure, there are times that controversy may make blogging more difficult but it’s better to voice your opinions and push the right information into the blogosphere, then not saying anything at all.  Of course, you can’t stop communication from spreading quickly, however, you can take a number of preventative measures to make sure that your company’s communication is information that’s timely and accurate.  The size of the company doesn’t matter, it’s the way you set up your blogging program that counts the most.  Here are a few points to consider when you begin your blogging program:

  • Set up policy, guidelines and procedures to share with all company bloggers.
  • Allow the marketing department to monitor the blogging
  • Let company bloggers write on the subjects of their choice, never dictate what the bloggers discuss 
  • Offer topics only when bloggers have a “writing block”
  • Monitor the blogosphere through software programs through license or purchase
  • Pay attention to the influential bloggers (according to Cision there are approximately 3,000 out there)  
  • React to communication appropriately; some communication does not need immediate action.  If negative communication continues for a period of time it’s important to offer accurate information to squash negative chatter.
  • Use positive communication to drive your marketing program and to develop new and exciting initiatives
  • Listen to influential bloggers and create better products and services
  • Do not use your company blog(s) as a means to sell or market your products

Blogging can be a very positive experience for a company and its employees.  It certainly should not be limited to a particular type or size of company.  Today’s top companies whether B2B or B2C in varied industries are blogging.  Of course, blogging is a commitment, just like any other type of communication.  The longer you stick with it and keep up with your blog posts, the more you will attract and engage your audience to participate in conversations with your company.

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