PRSA International Conference: Becoming a PR Influencer

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The PRSA International Conference 2010 Powering PRogress kicked off on Saturday, October 16th. I arrived at the conference, on Sunday, October 17th with great expectations.  I’ve been looking forward to this conference, knowing that many of the PR professionals who I chat with all year will be in one place.  I’m ready to share ideas and network.

Upon arrival at the Washington Hilton, I immediately went to check in on Foursquare. I was happy to see that I could also check in at the PRSA Conference itself. When I see my peers and industry association on Foursquare, our many Twitter chat communities, our groups on LinkedIn, and our dynamic blogs, which help people to better understand PR, social media and communications…to me, we’re powering progress.  PR professionals are active in social media and I’m proud of our steps forward and the dedicated professionals who are embracing new communication. In the past, I’ve heard people ask, “Is PR Dead?” I’ve heard this far too many times. I know that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, it’s the farthest from the truth.  Social media is reinventing PR and we’re gaining influence.

For me, the PR influencer is powering progress by being a change agent. The PR influencer drives strategic communications that lead to business value.  It’s having the passion and commitment to move the needle in a new direction, within our own organizations as well as within our industry.  The PR influencer is an educator who creates action and who is a trusted and valuable resource. My panel session today is all about how to become a PR influencer and drive business value.  I will be joined by @kamichat @prsarahevans @geoffliving and @cheeky_geeky.  We’ll dig into the topic of the PR influencer and how we can capture influence and make progress.

Here’s a brief interview with me and Amanda Littlejohn discussing the PRSA Conference and my session on the Mopwater PR blog.

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