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  1. Ky Edet
    October 27, 2013 @ 1:59 pm

    This post is essential in understanding techniques that can better a Skype interview. I find this post very useful because as a young professional scouring the job market, employers often opt to have Skype interviews instead of in person interviews. Skype interviews scare me because i never know if my background is too plan or has to much going on, if my camera is at the right level where i am not looking down and I am eye-to-eye with the interviewer, or if the lighting is okay. The tips you have provided are very effective for a Skype interview because they highlight all the areas of focus that need to be set in motion for the Skype interview to go smoothly. These tips are applicable to everyone and not just young professional because employers are opting to do Skype with individuals on various different levels, and not only that but that is also effective form of communication within an organization.

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