#PRStudChat in 2010: A Year of PR 2.0 and Continuous Change

It’s time to gear up for an amazing #PRStudChat year! We’re convinced that our community will continue to see growth and provide a tremendous amount of information and insight on the changing PR landscape, PR 2.0 strategy, new tools and best practice techniques, social media measurement and emerging technology, to name a few interesting topics, for PR students, educators and pros.

Valerie (@valeriesimon) and I have set the calendar for monthly chat sessions. Here are the dates for #PRStudChat in 2010:

–  January 13th

– February 17th

–  March 17th

–  April 14th

–  May 12th

–  June 16th

–  July 14th

–  August 18th

–  September 15th

–  October 13th

–  November 17th

–  December 15th

And now for a couple of new developments in our #PRStudChat community:  First, we are going to have themes for every chat session moving forward.  As a matter of fact, the theme for the January chat is “Focus on the Educator” and how educators bring real world experience into the classroom for students to experience public relations.  We will also be announcing shortly many of our special guest educators at this session….more to come J

Another new development is our sharing of the moderator role.  We will be having guest moderators every other month and we are very proud to announce that @mikinzie is our guest moderator for the January #PRStudChat session.  Mikinzie, for those of you who don’t know her, is a senior at Ferris University graduating in May 2010, and the author of ThePRepguide.  She is majoring in technical and professional communication.  Congratulations Mikinzie from all of us at #PRStudChat.

If anyone wants to discuss some interesting questions for the January session, feel free to reach out to us via the #PRStudChat LinkedIn Group and share any special topics or questions you’d like answered during a 2010 session and to contribute to our wiki, so that we can keep giving the gift of learning.  Thanks for a great 2009 and we look forward to an even better #PRStudChat in 2010!!