#PRStudChat March 3/17 Discussion

It’s that time again…#PRStudChat is almost here.  Our next discussion is 3/17 (on Happy St. Patty’s Day) and we have a great session planned. Our #PRStudChat special guest is Beth Harte (@bethharte). Beth, formerly the community manager at MarketingProfs, just took a new role at Sergenti Communications.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience, she will answer questions based on the various PR positions she’s held over the years. Our session is focused on our PR students, who are graduating in May, and what they should expect when they enter the real world of business, from the roles and responsibilities to how to reach new influencers on behalf of their brands.  Our PR pros and educators will also be on hand to guide the discussion from their particular areas of expertise.

A few of the questions that we’re going to discuss on March 17th include:

1. Now that everyone has a microphone, do we treat influencers different than traditional media?

2. How do you identify those influencers you are trying to target?

3.  What jobs are available, if you are interested in social media?

4. What titles do I look for and what are the roles and responsibilities?

5. What expectations are tied to an entry-level social media position?  From the employer & employee POV?

6. What is a fair entry-level salary in this economy and what factors affect income potential?

A wide gamut of opportunities are available for today’s graduating communications students. Although social media has changed the way we communicate in PR today, at the same time, it has helped to expand opportunities within our organizations.  #PRStudChat aims to uncover the best opportunities that PR has to offer and to help young professionals identify the right career path.

As always, Valerie (@valeriesimon) and I welcome your comments and feedback here, or in our #PRStudChat LinkedIn group.  Thanks and we hope to chat with you on the 17th!