Are You a PR 2.0 Champion?

There’s a lot of discussion focusing on the changes in the roles and responsibilities of the PR professional as a result of socialized media, direct to consumer communication and the ability for PR people to take on additional roles within their organizations. I believe the profession has advanced far beyond media relations and/or news release writing.  Today, we do so much more!

Brian and I discussed the news roles and responsibilities in our book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.”  These roles include:

  • Social Media expert
  • Market analyst/expert
  • Web marketer
  • Customer service representative
  • Relationship marketer
  • Viral marketer
  • Conversationalist/listener

In order to truly be a PR 2.0 champion for your organization, it starts with your personal involvement in web communities.  I believe you have to take off your marketing hat and become a trusted peer.  Ask yourself the following questions about your personal social media engagement:

  • Are you actively listening and engaging in social networks?
  • Are you trying new technologies as they are introduced (setting up new profiles and testing various social networking communities)?
  • Do you have RSS feeds, and use social media tools including widgets, wikis, podcasts and streaming video?
  • Do you have a list of favorite bloggers and are you commenting on their blogs?
  • Are you sharing interesting blog posts and other news/information with members or your social networking communities?
  • Are you blogging?
  • Are you asking questions so that you better understand social media and also answering questions to help your fellow peers?
  • Are you sharing valuable information to help people to make decisions?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions then you are ready to help your organization to understand the importance of listening and engaging in social networks, and using effective social media tools to communicate.  If you have answered yes, then you’re prepared to help your organization build relationships with new influencers and gain trust and brand loyalty from its customers.

With your personal understanding of the rules of different communities, you will be better equipped to inform your organization about the sociology and cultural anthropology of the web; the significance of studying the behavior of groups of people and learning about strong cultures in niche communities.  And, if you are blogging and people are engaging with you, then you will better understand and advise your company on the best approach to engage with bloggers.

PR 2.0 starts with you.  It’s critical for PR pros to be at the top of their social media games in order to properly educate their organizations.  With engagement in the blogosphere comes knowledge and experience that will turn you into a PR champion and an even more valuable asset to your company.   Are you a PR 2.0 champion?