Special Announcement: #PRStudChat Celebrates its Four-Year Anniversary on Tuesday, August 27th

PRStudChatFour years ago, Angela Hernandez asked me to contribute to a blog interview series called, “Is PR Right for Me?”  Little did we know at the time that my answers to Angela’s questions would spark a special chain of events …  a DM between Valerie Simon and myself that emerged into a wonderful friendship, as well as the birth of our dynamic PR community, #PRStudChat.  We’re thrilled that after four years, our community continues to grow and remains dedicated to the education and collaboration of PR students, professors and professionals.

On August 27th at 8:30 p.m. ET, we will celebrate our four-year anniversary. We’re proud of the growth and the dedication of our members. Today, #PRStudChat is comprised of more than 3,900 people, who participate by sharing their thoughts, news, articles, blog posts, or those who join in our Twitter chat discussions.  In honor of our four year milestone, we wanted to do something special by remembering our very first #PRStudChat student class (the graduating class of 2010).  We’ve reach out to these young professionals, inviting them to participate in an anniversary celebration focused on PR then and PR Now.

Joining us on the night of the August 27th will be the #PRStudChat alumni, including Rowena Briones, Nick Lucido, Jessica Lawlor, Stephanie Majercik, Han Ma and Angela Hernandez. Our alumni are ready to share their career stories and experiences over the past few years, especially as they relate to transitioning from enthusiastic PR students to hard working, dedicated professionals.  We’re looking forward to hearing first hand accounts of what it’s like to start out in the field and to grow into a career in PR.  Our young professionals will share their favorite PR opportunities right down to how they tackle some tough daily challenges.

We look forward to a fun and informative session, as we celebrate #PRStudChat days past and look into a bright PR future. We’ll be sharing additional information shortly regarding the details of the session and the questions we will be asking our #PRStudChat young professionals.  For now, please help us spread the word about our four-year anniversary celebration. We look forward to “seeing” you on the 27th.

Happy Anniversary #PRStudChat!