On January 17th, the #PRStudChat Community Discusses How to Get Strategic With Owned Media

Owned media is less about controlling your content and more about creating what your customers need and prefer from you. It’s the “O” in the PESO model and it’s an important part of a brand’s communications plan. For years, PR professionals were mostly focused on earned media for the credible third-party endorsement. Today, our world of communications includes so much more. For example, owned media is an opportunity to customize content for niche audiences, to engage and build relationships through compelling stories, and to be more cost efficient in your content development. At the same time, owned media has its share of challenges including how to get and keep your audience’s attention in an increasingly noisy media landscape.
Megan Licursi President of The Licursi GroupOn Thursday, January 17th at 12:00 p.m. ET, #PRStudChat (sponsored by Spin Sucks) community members gather for a Twitter chat on “How to Get Strategic with Owned Media.” Leading the chat session that day will be our special guest and co-host, Megan Licursi (@MeganLicursi), who is the president of the Florida-based Licursi Group.  Megan is a public relations, marketing and project-management professional whose award-winning work has benefited clients across the business, government and non-profit sectors. You can learn more about Megan here.

During the Twitter chat, Megan will be addressing the following questions, but we encourage all community members to weigh in with their ideas and share their perspectives too.

1. Let’s start big: Besides the drop-off in titles and journalists, what are some less-noticeable challenges you’re seeing in consumer media?

2. Would you say earned media is dying, evolving or something else?

3. Once, you were a comms grad just starting out — how has the PR industry changed? How has pitching media changed?

4. Related: Other than social, what new skills must comms students master in order to be competitive?

5. Owned media was once a play only for the largest companies, but today it’s everywhere. How has that changed agency work?

6. How do you ensure that owned media is ethical?

7. Do you find that clients “get” owned media? Do they see it as a full, fair replacement for traditional earned media?

8. What do you look for when hiring young talent?

9. What’s your best pitch-gone-wrong story?

10. Make the PR case for dogs vs. cats — gogogo! (Okay, let’s just say the #PRStudChat and Spin Sucks team wanted to end with a silly question that gets everyone riled up.)

As always, you can tweet  @PRStudChat@SpinSucks@LKPetrolino@ValerieSimon, or @DBreakenridge with any questions you would like answered.

We’re looking forward to another lively #PRStudChat conversation. See you on Thursday, January 17th at 12:00 p.m. ET!

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