Make A Greater Impact In 2018 With International Speaker & Storyteller, Cameron Brown

the-thriving-collective-photo-2The New Year is off to a great start and you may be working on the different ways to create greater impact in your career and life. I had a conversation with International speaker and storyteller, Cameron Brown, about creating impact in 2018. Cameron is also the founder of The Thriving Collective and creator of The Impact Diaries. He’s developed a helpful checklist with 47 different ways you can make a greater impact, from your own health and well-being to your business and to how you approach impact on a larger scale … for the planet.

“We as humans have the opportunity to make a a positive impact on three different levels … in our own lives, we can impact the lives of others, and we can have an impact on the planet too,” says Cameron Brown. After reviewing all of Cameron’s 47 ways to make a greater impact, it was a difficult choice, but I’ve selected my top six. These action items resonated with me on all of the three levels that Cameron mentioned.

  1. Nurture your curiosity, it opens you up to possibilities you haven’t thought of yet.
  2. Be ok with not knowing or needing to know, it develops your flexibility & adaptability to change.
  3. Design the impact your company will make in the world on all 3 levels (self, others, planet).
  4. Be ok with being vulnerable… in doing so, you give others permission to do the same and a deep bond can form quickly.
  5. Expose yourself to different belief systems and ways of treating our planet (good & bad), contrast challenges and changes.
  6. Stop (or reduce) watching TV and be conscious of your time online to help you personally determine your consumer behavior.

Cameron was kind enough to explain these six ways to create greater impact in more detail. You can click on the audio button to listen to Cameron’s thoughts around each opportunity, and how you can create impact too. Enjoy!