Modern Communicators Need to FEEL + THINK Before They Communicate

Modern Communicators need to FEEL and THINK before they communicate. Although PR professionals are taught to THINK, which is Timing, Heart, Independence, New Navigation and Knowledge about an audience, the FEEL model is the first step. When you FEEL you’re digging deeper to discover Fears, Empathy, Ethics and Love for the mission.

In this video I break down the FEEL model and why it’s important to FEEL first, then THINK, before you share your story, especially with younger generations. Millennials, for example, face the pressure to be “perfect” and we’re also seeing a spike in depression, anxiety and suicide rates amongst this group. When you FEEL you truly serve people, can offer more help, create deeper impact, and build long lasting relationships.

Make 2019 the year that you step back and really challenge yourself to FEEL as the first step toward better communication.