The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Social Media & Change On November 15th

Ai Zhang HeadshotA recent Yale study published in the journal Neuron suggested that being in unstable and unknown situations, regardless of how uncomfortable they may feel, is a critical condition for our brains to grow and learn. Stability, on the other hand, stalls growth. The feeling of dealing with unpredictable changes can probably resonate with many public relations professionals, as the field is constantly changing.

However, as PR professionals, educators, and students, we probably know that it is much easier to talk about change than actually coping with it and being in the unknown for an extended period of time. Change is hard and change is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, social media and technology, when implemented strategically, can serve as effective channels to navigate change and leverage it to help one become more original and creative, which are desirable characteristics of PR professionals.

Within this context, the #PRStudChat community, which is sponsored by Spin Sucks, will gather on Thursday, Nov 15th, at 12 P.M., ET, to discuss change and social media.

Our special guest leading the discussion will be Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang, who is a college professor of Public Relations and an independent Digital Learning & Storytelling Consultant.

Ai has been teaching Public Relations and Communication courses at the university level for a decade. Last year, Ai embarked on a self-reinvention journey as her family relocated from Philadelphia, United States, to Seoul, South Korea. This geographic location has also triggered a series of career changes such as launching a consulting practice, a weekly Facebook live show, and a blogging site. Recently, Ai has become a contributor to Entrepreneur and her first article just got published. Ai has also been featured in Forbes and Inside Higher Education, and is a contributor to HubSpot Academy. You can learn more about Ai here.

On the 15th, we will dive into social media and change with Ai, and the #PRStudChat community, discussing the following:

  1. Have you ever embarked on a self-reinvention journey? What triggered it & what was your experience like?
  2. How can social media & digital tools facilitate major personal and professional changes?
  3. To what extent and in what aspects can digital media devices limit and enhance a person’s ability to learn and grow?
  4. How can online communities help people facilitate change in their lives and careers?
  5. How is networking on social media different from networking “in real life”?
  6. How is social media changing the job landscape? What new careers is social media breeding, & what careers is it changing or rendering obsolete?
  7. How can one add strategic instability, newness, and uncertainty into one’s life to boost career development & life performance?
  8. If someone is changing careers and already has an established social media presence, how can they effectively rebrand themselves if they want to change their career?
  9. Life changes can be challenging. When is it time to “turn off” from social media if you need to deal with personal issues? How do you disengage, & how can you reemerge when you’re ready?
  10. Marching into 2019, what is one change that you are excited about implementing?

As always, we welcome your questions before or during the chat. You can tweet @PRStudChat@SpinSucks@LKPetrolino,   @ValerieSimon, or @DBreakenridge with any questions you would like answered.

We’re looking forward to another lively #PRStudChat conversation. See you on Thursday, November 15th at 12:00 p.m. ET!

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