Book Review: A Roadmap for Teaching Social Media

Here’s my video book review of A Roadmap for Teaching Social Media by Dr. Karen Freberg who is an assistant professor teaching Strategic Communications at the University of Louisville. Karen’s book can be described in three words … handy reference guide. Professors who are looking for a framework to approach social media with their students as a community and also to participate together more strategically should read this book. The level of knowledge sharing goes deep and covers a lot of ground, from the chapter that includes all of the elements of a social media campaign to the chapters that define how to brand your class community, maintain your reputation online and shape class etiquette.

Thank you, Karen, for writing a book that professors can use as their roadmap to social media in the classroom (and beyond) and one that is a reminder of how we should all be sharing on a deeper level. From one “forever student” to another, let the learning continue!