Three Tips for Ethical Media Interviews

Interviewing with the media has changed over the years. I remember training executives on how to show up with their messages and talking points. However, today the media is different. It’s a very noisy landscape, tensions run high on different topics and taking an interview means being present and ready to navigate questions beyond the messages you want to share. As they say, “Anything goes!”

As a result of the changes, including how social media amplifies what you share in print, online or on TV, you have to prepare differently. In my video, I offer three tips to help leaders to not only show up well versed but to also be open, mindful, and ready for topics and questions that they may not expect or want to be asked.

Of course, as a leader, when this happens you must make sure you have your ethics and values in tow. These are the important moments when you can demonstrate your ethics and values in your interviews.

If you want to learn more about how to bring ethics and values into your media interviews or to any communication touchpoint, then I hope you’ll check out my book, Answers For Ethical Marketers. You can learn more, or pick up a copy of the book here.

How do you prepare for your media interviews and how do you show up with your good judgment?