3 Ways to Elevate Ethics in Your Organization

An organization does not have a conscience. However, the people who work at a company do. So, then, who is responsible to communicate and demonstrate ethics and values at your company? Do ethics and values go beyond the HR policymakers? Do they extend farther than the communicators in your Marketing and PR Departments?

Today, everyone is an Ethical Marketer. Each employee of the company should uphold the values and good judgment that guide the company and which lead to ethical interactions and communications.

In my book, Answers for Ethical Marketers, I shared how in most companies three areas are involved directly with ethics and values. The first area is Human Resources, which is often responsible for helping to create policies. The second area is Public Relations and Marketing, who assist in the dissemination and communication of the policies. The third is leadership who are the role models demonstrating the ethical conduct. The leaders “walk the talk” of the policies.

However, not every company elevates ethics and values in the same way. In this video, I share my three tips on how to focus on ethics across the company, so good judgment in decision-making reaches every level, and is embraced by every employee at your company.

How are you elevating ethics at your company.